World Challenge BBC and Recycla Chile logos

Recycla is a finalist on “World Challenge” contest, organized by BBC and Newsweek

This is the first time that a chilean business reach the point of being a finalist on “World Challenge” contest, organized by BBC and Newsweek.

That’s why you should now give your vote to Recycla, the tech crunch of Chile!


A few days ago, World Challenge interviewed Fernando Nilo (Recycla founder) and he provided great insights about the company… Continue reading let’s everyone “touch the web”

HopIn will soon be able to allow you to “touch the web”. Founded by José Tomás Daire and Andrés Godoy. Cristobal Piñera joined the team on May, 2011.

The team is currently located in San Francisco, CA and the application it’s on development and being tested by a close group of people.

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WeSync behind the scenes

Diego Alcaíno, left the founding team of Start-Up Chile program, and early in 2011 started WeSync or the “Color for Video” company. Over the last couple of months, WeSync staff has been tracking their progress as a company and “dogfooding” their own mobile video recording application.

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Apply to MBA Contest 2011

MBA Contest 2011 is organized by the Chilean Association of Information Technology companies (ACTI A.G.), with the support of Innova Chile from CORFO. Their goal is to support and boost dynamic entrepreneurship, specially from executives that have an MBA degree or are currently being part of an MBA course on any chilean university and from college students that have IT knowledge. Continue reading

DeNA acquires Chilean mobile game firm Atakama Labs

DeNA became a billion-dollar company based on its success with mobile social games in Japan. It now has more than 400 employees and is trying to become a worldwide smartphone and tablet gaming powerhouse.

DeNA agreed to buy Chilean mobile social game firm Atakama Labs. The companies didn’t disclose the acquisition price, but we heard a couple of months ago that the deal was valued at around $6 million during negotiations.

Under DeNA, Atakama will provide support for subsidiary Ngmoco, which is creating the Mobage mobile social network.

As previously pointed out by VentureBeat, in 2009, Atakama Labs raised $4 million from Austral Capital and COPEC-UC.


Via: VentureBeat

Decurate’s new magazine concept wants starving artists to eat well

Decurate is a weekly curated design magazine based out of Chile that features stories about emerging artisans and offers limited edition quanties of their products for sale at a discounted rate.

The Decurate team says their mission is to
“…prove that beautiful design and great value are not mutually exclusive…”

“Good design has the power to transform your every day. Decurate takes truly great products from around the world and makes them available for a limited time at a discount. We pride ourselves in showcasing both established and upcoming designers.”

Decurate founders were selected for Start Up Chile in the first round of 2011. Start Up Chile is a program launched out of the Chilean government to bring world class entrepreneurs to Chile to boostrap their start up for 6 months aided by a $40,000 USD grant.