Virgin Media launches new game developer’s platform

Virgin Media just announced today they are in search of creators of casual games. They are being encouraged to work through Two Way Media, Virgin Media’s app development partner, to integrate, test, host, launch and monetize games on TiVo using its game framework which can make Flash games ready for the platform in under a week.

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Running Lean Author Ash Maurya to present workshop in Chile today

Ash Maurya, author of the Running Lean book that is revolutionizing the world of startups, is presenting a workshop in Chile to support entrepreneurs in their processes innovation. The workshop is organized by BOMBAcamp in conjunction with Universidad Adolfo Ibañez.

The main focus is Running Lean methodology is driven by the belief that most ventures fail, because they invest time, money and effort on developing a product that ‘nobody wants’. Ash Maurya’s workshop will focus on how to avoid failure with your idea or project.

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What (or who) makes Chile go?

As Chile celebrates the ‘Year of Innovation’ AndesBeat is excited to announce What Make Chile Go/Lo que mueve a Chile powered by uShip, Austin, Texas (USA). Let us know your favorite contributors to the innovation culture of Chile. They’ll be featured for our readership.

Since we launched AndesBeat in November 2011, we have always been fascinated with introducing the world to Chile’s undiscovered talent and projects in the world of technology. Attracting an international fan base with a strong readership in Silicon Valley, they are often curious about the innovation coming out of Chile and the culture of early stage startups.

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For whom the bells toll…Startup Stock Exchange is live!


WILLEMSTAD – The Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) has launched today at exactly 08:00 am EST. With the push of the enter-button Ian Haet, co-founder and CEO of SSX; and René Römer, CEO of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX), symbolically performed the opening. With this action, SSX’s website and investment systems (www.Startup.SX) went online. (image:  Ian Haet (left) & René Römer (right) shaking hands, congratulating each other. In the photo Dick Erdmann, one of the members of SSX Governing Board. )

SSX is a regulated, global marketplace for startup investing and funding. Investors worldwide can buy shares of vetted startup companies in all sectors and in different stages of growth.

Worldwide many entrepreneurs are building excellent businesses but don’t have access to the funding they need. At the same time, investors of all sizes don’t have access to vetted companies and diverse early stage opportunities. SSX changes all that. SSX is the marketplace that brings investors and companies together to achieve both their goals.  – Ian Haet, Startup Stock Exchange co-founder

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Start-Up Chile’s Generation 8 application process opens today!

Editors’ Note: This press release comes courtesy of Start-Up Chile. The Chilean program re-initiates its search for bootstrappers who will receive equity-free seed capital of USD$40,000 and a 1-year work visa to launch their startup in Chile.

SANTIAGO, Chile, June 10th— Start-Up Chile announces the opening of its 8th round of applications seeking to select, fund, and host up to 100 startup companies in Chile, giving them access to a global network for those determined to make their projects global. Since the program´s opening on 2010, more than 670 startups coming from 50 different countries have participated in Start-Up Chile.

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Startup Stock Exchange is coming to Chile!

Startup Stock Exchange is scheduled to launch in Chile on June 10, 2013. Ok, so technically they are scheduled to launch to the world. But a personal request to AndesBeat from their founding team means that they wanted to make sure the Chilean startup community doesn’t miss out on all the excitement or get the news secondhand. And we want them to know we sincerely appreciate their outreach efforts.

Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) is a regulated global marketplace for startup investing and funding. So long story short they have discovered yet another way for startups like you to raise money and attract investors (from all around the world).

Get your profiles and pitches updated folks!!!

More news and a dedicated post to follow in the next days.

Chile’s E-nterview heads to Russia’s largest startup conference, Startup Village

Children’s goods, wine and IT are all among the markets on track for double digit growth in Russia. But Chile startup E-nterview sees something else, a growing economy means more jobs and thus job seekers. And in terms of the latter, they are hoping their newly launching human resources solution will simplify the recruitment and selection process for large companies across the globe. They are scheduled to officially launch their platform in T-10 days.

In the meantime and in between time they’ll be able to see how the Russian market responds to them firsthand when startup founder Cristóbal Asenjo heads to Moscow next week for Russia’s StartUp Village  (May 26-28). Russia Startup Village is the largest conference in Russia with more than 2,000 startups expected to be in attendance and 350+ investors.

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Luqit offers big advertising choices for small businesses

Luqit is a newly launched site that offers advertising space for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s). Advertising is currently available through the top media companies in Chile, including newspapers, TV hows, radio, outdoor ads and digital.

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Joan Lyman shares her $600 million dollar acquisition story today in Chile

The Chilean entrepreneur community is proud to welcome Katie Gage, Director of Programming at Springboard Enterprises; and Joan Lyman, Partner at LMG Corp. They will be the special guests at today’s Girls in Tech Chile meetup. Women @the Frontier is also supporting this meetup.

Joan Lyman will be sharing her experience as a serial entrepreneur and Dell’s recent acquisition of her company, formerly Secureworks, for $600 million USD.  Dell SecureWorks focuses exclusively on security services to protect thousands of customers around the world.

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3 tips for how entrepreneurs can maximize their technology use

Editor’s Note: This guest post comes courtesy of Jaguar PC, a VPS hosting firm. Technology is everywhere you look in the world of business.  From the largest global corporations that have been on the landscape for decades to the businesses that will register and become reality today, technology has a key role to play in how these companies operate and succeed. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that, in contrast, those who do not embrace and use technology fully actually tend to struggle. Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. At the same time, technology has a key role to play in their success, too, arguably to an even greater degree than in the other types of business cited earlier. Whether an entrepreneur is the head of a small business or literally going it alone, technology is going to have an important part to play. Continue reading