With two confirmed investments, Magma Partners launches the most transparent investment firm in Chile

Created by multinational serial entrepreneurs, Magma Partners is a new fund based in Santiago that invests in high-potential startups and small businesses

May 8th, 2014– Santiago, Chile– Today at 7:00pm, an event will be held to mark the launch of a new Chilean-US investment fund, Magma Partners. Formed by three partners– two Chileans and one from the United States– the fund is positioned as the most promising and most transparent in Chile’s national investment landscape. Magma Partners will use the best practices of the US’s most successful funds to help solve pain-points for local entrepreneurs such as exceedingly high equity rates, lack of investment transparency, and ambiguous communication.

Transparency is paramount for Magma Partners– those who direct the fund have previously raised LatAm-based capital for their companies and have seen first-hand how the the local process can drag on for months. For that reason, they clearly articulate each step of their investment process and show each specific financial document on their website. Additionally, they promise to respond within 48 hours of receiving an application, and to schedule a meeting with each applicant who complies with the fund’s minimum investment requirements.

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Sebastián Vidal is new director at Start-Up Chile

Today is Horacio Melo’s last day as the Executive Director of Start Up Chile. He has served as the Executive Director for the past 3 years, after taking over the post held by Jean Boudeguer. Boudeguer left Start Up Chile to run Cumplo, a Peer 2 Peer lending service, founded by Start Up Chile founder Nicolás Shea. Continue reading

Spain’s FancyBox set to raise capital via an IPO on SSX

Just in….

Editor’s Note: We’ve been following SSX (Startup Stock Exchange) since they first launched to the world. And today we have an important development to share out of Latin America. This official information comes courtesy of SSX Public Relations team.

SSX Ventures Launches Investment Offering in Latin eCommerce Beauty Platform

Investment Vehicle offers the opportunity to invest in leading Latin American ecommerce website FancyBox.com

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AndesBeat Startup Week in Review…

I’m baaaaack….! Sorry I have been M.I.A. over the past few months and posting intermittently. After 3 years of entirely too much work and little play, a cowboy cutie pie in midwestern USA has won my heart. So now I have someone with whom I can explore strange new worlds; talk about the concept of a university degree in ‘space ethics’; and share my crazy futuristic global business predictions. And to think my bit of eccentricity and randomness is all completely ‘normal’ to him. Imagine what a character he is!

Aside from that, life at AndesBeat has been busy, productive and definitively ALL GOOD DAYS! Our team is growing. Although we still consider media as our core, we have been expanding our consulting and value added services. As the first hint of forthcoming economic development in emerging economies is infrastructure development – we’re supporting prime contractors and their suppliers with raising funds ($50 million+) for infrastructure development in emerging economies. This also requires establishing first level G2G relations (government to government); early stage market research; and content creation.  Over the next weeks we will be introducing some of our awesome international consultants who support these companies in their early stage international market exploration and expansion. Continue reading

World Startup Wiki launches today

A year ago (March 2013) we announced Bowei Gai’s 29 country self-funded tour for his ‘World Startup Report’. We further supported his mission by hosting him in Chile and ultimately becoming World Startup Ambassadors reporting on insights and trends from Chile’s underground startup community.

Nearly one year to the date, we are proud to announce yet another great resource that was born from Bowei’s tour. From the team at World Startup Report comes World Startup Wiki – an interactive local guide to building a startup anywhere in the world.

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Chile innovates LatAm’s spirits industry with craft wines

Editor’s Note: Happy International Women’s History month! We would like to take this time to celebrate women around the world, including the 5 very awesome ones working at AndesBeat. Over recent months our team (consulting) has grown and we are now a team of 6 working on projects with U.S., European and Southeast Asian companies who are doing business in and with Latin America. From international business regulations and global infrastructure development to Design Thinking, over the next weeks, we’ll share their insights, commentary and experiences on the present (and future) of doing business in and with Latin America. We welcome your ideas and guest contributions.

 It’s not an overstatement to say that the very future of Chilean wine is being decided right now.

– Peter Richards, author of “The Wines of Chile”

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AndesBeat launches Chile market entry handbook series for companies

AndesBeat new Chile market entry handbook series was created based on the many inquiries we have received the past 18 months through our contact page, from startup founders and fortune companies alike.

Insights related to specific business protocols; business intelligence related to a certain industry vertical; infrastructure (technology and financial); or identifying a starting point for exploring business opportunities in the region, especially for the English language market are among the most common requests.

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‘Changing the World’ with the power of one share and Start-Up Chile Generation #2

All of Chile’s startup and entrepreneurship community (mas o menos) thought it was impossible, but Start-Up Chile Generation #2 was up for the challenge and they accomplished an insanely crazy thing – they made me see the potential of the greater good of Start-Up Chile.

And as some of them begin their exit from Chile and move on to their next adventure, I have to admit, I am actually going to miss them!!!

How unbelievable is that? (even co-founder rockin’ hard to the core boy is still in shock and got one of his wishes today)!

As of now, while it is neither here nor there, I can tell you this much, even after giving him the ‘Shoni Start-Up Chile Smackdown’, (think everyone knows the drill), the ‘Romanian boy’, Denis Todirica, Glazeon, (pictured), Start-Up Chile Generation #2 ‘Fearless Leader’, did not ignore me nor was he afraid to get in my ‘personal space’. The boy got nerves of steel, I tell you!!!

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Lean Chile: And the global rise of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem!

As co-founder boy worked on-site today covering the 2012 Chile Private Equity and Venture Capital Forum hosted by Latin American Venture Capital Association and I was catching up on the tons of emails we have received over recent days from near and far, I couldn’t help but stop and take the time to thank our beloved Chileno entrepreneur and startup community.

The AndesBeat is getting a little stronger and spreading a little farther and a little faster, infinite thanks to you!! CHILE – Not only do you crush all the cultural myths when you support us, you also make us so happy and proud….you really do!!!

While you do not have the critical mass of perhaps a Mexico, Argentina or Brazil, you have to look at it this way, Chile is a like a ‘Lean Country‘, jejeje. You have more agility and flexibility and can adapt to change faster.

The actions you takethe thoughts and ideas you share, and the more you share your story and new updates, makes us feel that everyone is beginning to understand, it is not enough to bang the drum just one time.

In order to continuously attract foreign investment, foreign media and foreign talent to help internationalize the work of Chile, we (meaning media, investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, advocates and more) have to keep filling the global pipeline with all things new and hot in Chile. Continue reading

Meet AndesMade Advisor: Peter Corbett

AndesBeat is proud to announce Peter Corbett from iStrategy Labs as our next confirmed AndesMade mentor.

He will be working with our international advisory team for our forthcoming AndesMade immersion based initiative to support Chilean startup founders and tech entrepreneurs rapid prototype and quickly get ideas into the marketplace with their bootstrapping mode on.

Our beta group launches, 26 May, 2012!

(You can follow our running list with  newly named mentors here!)

Peter Corbett is the CEO and founder of Washington, DC based iStrategy Labs. Aside from bootstrapping his company (that he founded after being laid off during the U.S. recession) to $10 million USD in revenues (in about the course of 3 years), he has a looooong ass list of accomplishments and successes, way too many to name here.

But on the short, super fun and super crazy list is hacking a 1939 vintage GE refridgerator filled with beer powered by foursquare…..

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