Aurus Capital ‘Taggify’ US$750k

As reported by Andrea Hartung yesterday (via La Tercera), Taggify, which allows publishers to monetize their website through relevant ads in text, images and videos, has received a US $750k investment from Aurus Capital.


Tiburcio de la Carcova played his major role (as advisor) in this game when he introduced Gustavo Bessone (Taggify CEO and co-founder) to Raimundo Cerda (Aurus Managing Partner). Continue reading

WeSync behind the scenes

Diego Alcaíno, left the founding team of Start-Up Chile program, and early in 2011 started WeSync or the “Color for Video” company. Over the last couple of months, WeSync staff has been tracking their progress as a company and “dogfooding” their own mobile video recording application.

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