Just Did It: Smashrun makes running ‘simply beautiful’ for Nike+ users

Smashrun is designed to frame each run“, stated Co-founder Chris Lukic. Finishing that run today meant that you’ve run 280 miles this year. It’s more than 50 miles further than you’d run last year at this time. And it was the 3rd fastest 4-mile run you’ve ever done. You’re running twice as many miles a week as your friend, Joe, and, when it comes to sheer discipline — showing up day in and day out – you’re at the top of your game.”

After 5 long years, Santiago, Chile based startup Smashrun, has sprinted forward and introduced a streamlined, yet edgy solution to address the shortcomings and frustration that millions of runners have experienced, who until now have relied primarily on the problematic and buggy Nike+ website to provide their running analytics. Continue reading

AndesBeat Reveals Start-Up Chile’s 40 LatAm companies selected for the 3rd round 2011

A few weeks ago Start-Up Chile announced its list of 100 selected startups for round 3 of their program. From a total of 100 new startups, 40 were from Latinamerica (and 27 from Chile.. the same amount selected in the second round of 2011).

Wonder what they do? So did we!

And after noticing that all the tech websites pretty much recycled Start-Up Chile’s original post of ‘The List’, we decided to dig a little deeper. Following is a brief description of each that we discovered through our infamous night owl multi-language research. Some of the projects are arbitraged ideas. Others are original. But all are uniquely LatAm inspired and led! Vamos!

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Bureaucracy Mode On: Start-Up Chile Uncensored

They say that things people need to have more awareness about usually happens in 3’s and last week that was exactly the case for Chile’s startup and entrepreneur community. Unfortunately, it appears that after a year full of positive press and buzz, as we kick off the new year, Chile will be focused on doing a bit of ‘damage control’ more than anything.

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Live the leweb 2011 experience from the beginning to the end (Courtesy of Babelverse)

As Shoni and I often work in tandem (collaboratively at the same time), like many start up co-founders and entrepreneurs, we each bring a different perspective and skill set. But instead of us ‘compromising’ ourselves and ideas, we look for ways to expand those ideas, make them fit into context and be more complimentary.

This week as Shoni was working to make a post regarding Babelverse and the award they won at LeWeb, I started to review all the buzz that was generated around LeWeb, Europe’s hottest Tech Conference. And knowing the lack of knowledge of these types of events in LatAm I started thinking of how I can make it easy for LatAm people to relive this experience even if they weren’t there.

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Babelverse Wins Big for Chile in Prestigious LeWeb Startup Competition

Coming off their recent 2nd place win at Start Up Weekend Athens, Babelverse has reaffirmed that in their startup world, nothing gets lost in translation. The AndesBeat community would like to extend an uber huge congratulations and big love to Babelverse who took 3rd place at LeWeb Startup Competition 2011, from a pool of more than 600 applicants!!

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Propiedad Facil Simplifies Life for Landlords and Tenants

Digital nomads Guillermo Horno (Argentina) and Adrian Fisher (Argentina by way of USA), often wondered why you could pay every bill for your residence at many convenience stores, check cashing places and retail stores but you couldn’t pay the rent/mortgage for your residence itself. In Argentina where they lived until recently, they said it was a real hassle. And from that hassle their start up was born.

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Andrew Mason (Groupon CEO) presentation at Start-Up Chile HQ

We just learned that Andrew Mason is currently in Chile and is going to give a presentation (it’s about to start in a few minutes),


The presentation is live now. Sorry for the lack of information on this post, but we had no idea that we were going to get our post live before Start Up Chile who was hosting the speaker today! Whooopsie.


Enjoy the streaming (courtesy of Start-Up Chile):


What happened behind the scenes??

See below…

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WeSync behind the scenes

Diego Alcaíno, left the founding team of Start-Up Chile program, and early in 2011 started WeSync or the “Color for Video” company. Over the last couple of months, WeSync staff has been tracking their progress as a company and “dogfooding” their own mobile video recording application.

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Decurate’s new magazine concept wants starving artists to eat well

Decurate is a weekly curated design magazine based out of Chile that features stories about emerging artisans and offers limited edition quanties of their products for sale at a discounted rate.

The Decurate team says their mission is to
“…prove that beautiful design and great value are not mutually exclusive…”

“Good design has the power to transform your every day. Decurate takes truly great products from around the world and makes them available for a limited time at a discount. We pride ourselves in showcasing both established and upcoming designers.”

Decurate founders were selected for Start Up Chile in the first round of 2011. Start Up Chile is a program launched out of the Chilean government to bring world class entrepreneurs to Chile to boostrap their start up for 6 months aided by a $40,000 USD grant.