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Let AndesBeat serve as your personal guide to Chile.

We are a consultancy that provides networking guidance and marketing services to help you obtain visibility in the Chilean market and empower your success. Whether you are a global initiative launching a new program in Chile, or an international enterprise seeking to expand into LatAm, we provide tailored service packages that connect you with the resources and people that are driving Chile’s entrepreneurial environment. Let us know how we can help. Take a look at our client portfolio:

  • Stanford Ignite Santiago: With successful programs in Beijing and Bangalore, Stanford Ignite, a certificate program for entrepreneurs and innovators, decided to launch their first program in Latin America in 2014. We assisted Stanford in reaching out to the Latin American market by launching a digital marketing campaign to attract applicants and spread the word.
  • LatAm Startup Challenge: Riverwood Capital launched a $200,000 Latin American Startup Challenge for businesses focusing on the mobile, web, cloud, and big data space, with a grand prize of $100,000 granted to the top two finishers. AndesBeat was among their distinguished partners for the Challenge, and helped introduce and personally connect the facilitators of the event with Chile‚Äôs startup community.
  • The Bachelor: We brought the casting of “The Bachelor” to Chile! By writing a press release in Spanish and distributing to local media, we gained visibility for the casting; additionally, we ran an online casting that helped “The Bachelor” team obtain Chilean applicants to the TV show.
  • uShip: AndesBeat designed, developed and managed a highly-segmented link building micro-campaign in collaboration with uShip. AndesBeat developed original content and achieved successful placement of that content in various high-ranking and relevant media portals to increase uShip’s visibility and build their brand in the Chilean marketplace.
  • SendGrid: We helped SendGrid expand to Chile! AndesBeat built awareness of the brand by distributing press releases and media coverage, and leveraging relevant networks on-the-ground to increase exposure.
  • iKwest-Sensication: AndesBeat helped publicize an English-language learning competition geared towards high school and university students in Santiago through a combination of guerrilla and digital media marketing techniques.
  • NoDepositz: Helped the guys explain Chilean law regarding online gambling. Gave recommendations for Chilean players who read the reviews on their site.

Praise for AndesBeat (see more testimonials on AngelList):

  • “Carlos is a fantastic community leader. As a customer of their services with SendGrid, I consider them a mandatory stop if you want to do business in Chile.” – Entrepreneur at SendGrid
  • “Carlos is the most knowledgeable person of the region that I know of and he has a keen sense of what startups need trying to expand in and out of the latin america region.” – Founder of Startup Digest and GroupTie
  • “Carlos and Shonika are truly experts in emerging markets and the entrepreneurial ecosystem down here in South America. They have always been responsive and willing to help, simply for the sake of helping.” – Founder of Medko
  • “These guys have the corner on the Chilean start-up market. And I like the way that they have brought together new ideas from start-ups with big businesses looking to make a difference. Their articles are engaging and top quality. I’m a big fan…” – Entrepreneur at Ridepost and Salespod
  • “Carlos and Shonika are dedicated and relentless. Definitely leading experts on the Chilean startup community and overall Latin American startup movement. Beyond insights they’re proven matchmakers and hosts with a long-term commitment to making the startup ecosystems they support thrive.” – Founder of Clean Energy Developments, Co-Founder Amoebacorp