What is boosting in gaming?

All online games are built so that the first few levels are very easy to pass, but further movement to the top of the rating or access to strong opponents can take several months.

Especially difficult is the path to ranking in games like Dota 2 and Overwatch. In addition, you will meet many toxic players along the way, which can discourage all desire to develop in the game, especially Dota 2 is famous for.

But what if you feel that you deserve to fight at the highest level, but are not ready to spend a lot of time and effort to pass the secondary levels. In this situation the boosting service that has recently become more and more popular comes to the rescue. One of the market leaders in boosting services is the company AskBoosters. Here you are waiting for experienced players who specialize in a particular game, with the following popular online games are available for pumping: World of Tanks; Dota 2; CS: GO; Overwanch; League of Legends; Star Craft II; World of Warcraft; Diablo III.

Boosting is a professional help in character development and passing levels. In this case, an experienced specialist passes all levels for you, and you get a high rating and can play with the top players.

In addition to the direct passage of the game for you and get a high rating, it is important to talk to the booster to understand the mechanics of the action. Obtaining information about the specifics of passing levels and character strengths is necessary in order to match the rating you have in the future. But even losses in matches against the best teams are worth considering as experience, because playing at a high level allows you to learn and progress faster.

You should only trust your gaming account to boosters that represent well-known companies. This is to protect your account from loss and not to attract the attention of online game administrators, as boosting is not welcome. In addition, you get a guarantee that the service will be provided in full.

E-Commerce: Ways On How To Compute Your Customer’s Lifetime Value

Are you sure you know your customers really well? To better understand your customers and sustain a profitable e-commerce business, one of the necessary metrics you should employ is customer lifetime value. Broadly defined, customer lifetime value or CLV is the projected revenue a customer will generate in their lifetime for your company. Continue reading

Wash away your worries with HogarImpeque

Here in Chile, nanas are an institution. Short for the English word “nanny,” nanas are the ultimate superwomen: an admirable mix of babysitter, chef, and housekeeper, many middle- to upper-class Chilean households would fall apart without their invaluable help. As an American who has lived in a number of developing countries throughout my life, I realize that the concept of hiring help for many of the daily chores that I was raised doing myself is not a novel one. What sets Chile apart from other countries is the level of confidence, reliance, and trust with which nanas are endowed. Many Chilean families form strong relationships with their hired help, especially as their nanas commit to working for them for years or even decades.

The problem is, what if you are a foreigner just moving to Chile? Or a younger Chilean couple that is moving into their own apartment for the first time? Or maybe just a busy family that has neither the time nor energy to devote to completing daily chores as well as finding a reliable housekeeper? For these demographies, it can be a daunting prospect to find a person whom you can not only 1) trust to occupy your house while you are gone during the day, and 2) trust to do an outstanding job with chores.

Chilean startup HogarImpeque is seeking to fill this need with an online, on-demand cleaning service.

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Cepaquevino wins the fourth round of Startup Weekend Santiago

Editor’s note: The following is a press release translated from Spanish to English from EmprendeUC.

The wine application “Cepaquevino” competed among a group of 12 startups, and after a weekend of intense work, with more than 100 participants from 10 different countries, it came in first place. “Kriket” and “Yupy” took second and third place, respectively.

After 54 hours of arduous work, “Cepaquevino” won the first place prize of this fourth round of Startup Weekend Santiago, organized by members of EmprendeUC and StartUp Chile, chosen by a jury from among 12 technology-based projects.

Paulina Sosa, global facilitator of Startup Weekend Santiago, noted: “The ideas, innovations, and teams were all very good, and what most caught my attention was that many managed to have a prototype by Sunday afternoon, not all do. Also, they have achieved much validation with clients, which is very positive.” Continue reading

Watch out for Ttanti!

In Kunza, an extinct language native to the Atacama Desert region of Northern Chile, “ttanti” means “seed”. The ancient word is now also synonymous with an environmentally-friendly, culturally-conscious line of watches being pioneered by two young Chilean entrepreneurs.

As Ttanti’s manifesto states: “Nothing is forever; only memories.” The Ttanti brand is built on the belief that the connection between man and nature inspires emotions that are the foundation to our life stories and memories. This belief has inspired the Ttanti duo to produce a line of watches that combines nature, ethics, and practicality. Fusing leather from the Chilean north with wood from the Patagonian south, and employing local artisans to produce the watches, Ttanti has created a product that embodies Chilean culture, resources, and craftsmanship.










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With two confirmed investments, Magma Partners launches the most transparent investment firm in Chile

Created by multinational serial entrepreneurs, Magma Partners is a new fund based in Santiago that invests in high-potential startups and small businesses

May 8th, 2014– Santiago, Chile– Today at 7:00pm, an event will be held to mark the launch of a new Chilean-US investment fund, Magma Partners. Formed by three partners– two Chileans and one from the United States– the fund is positioned as the most promising and most transparent in Chile’s national investment landscape. Magma Partners will use the best practices of the US’s most successful funds to help solve pain-points for local entrepreneurs such as exceedingly high equity rates, lack of investment transparency, and ambiguous communication.

Transparency is paramount for Magma Partners– those who direct the fund have previously raised LatAm-based capital for their companies and have seen first-hand how the the local process can drag on for months. For that reason, they clearly articulate each step of their investment process and show each specific financial document on their website. Additionally, they promise to respond within 48 hours of receiving an application, and to schedule a meeting with each applicant who complies with the fund’s minimum investment requirements.

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Calling all women! Want to learn how to code?

The weekend of May 16-17 will bring the first Rails Girls event to Santiago, Chile.

RailsGirls is an international series of events, giving women the opportunity to learn to program and build the Internet. Events are being organized in Sydney, Cairo, Warsaw, Tel Aviv — dozens of cities around the globe. RailsGirls is an international movement creating a lasting impact. For the first time ever, we’re brining RailsGirls to Santiago, Chile. Continue reading

This Italian couple will increase your online sales faster than you can order pizza

We are die-hard champions of small business here at AndesBeat, so when we come across an entrepreneur equally invested as we are in helping other small businesses succeed, we fall in love a little bit.

Today we’re excited to spread the word about Fanchimp, a service that helps online shop owners increase their sales by turning them into Facebook and Twitter marketing pros overnight. Well, actually, that’s an exaggeration; it doesn’t take a full night, only a couple clicks. Within minutes, online businesses can easily create a successful social media marketing campaign that will drive more customers to their online shops and increase sales.

On average, organizing a social media marketing campaign for a small business can take up to 10 hours per week, a daunting time investment for business owners with a variety of other management and production tasks on their hands. Users of Fanchimp have the same ROI as contracting with a social media agency, with the added benefit that Fanchimp is less expensive and easier to use. Check out how the service works here:

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Imagine Business Lab begins its first round of 2014 startup applications

Initiative gives support to ICT entrepreneurs to make Chile an innovation hub

SANTIAGO, CHILE – April 2014: Imagine Business Lab, an accelerator for information and communications technology (ICT) businesses, is opening its first application round for projects that contribute to and optimize the industry of ICT.

“We are looking to promote innovative businesses with high-growth potential that can contribute to the ICT industry and the Chilean market,” comments Pablo Traub, CEO of Imagine Business Lab. “We have created the ideal ecosystem to kick-start the enterprises and guide them in this challenge, thanks to the support of mentors, companies, and ICT specialists.”

The selected entrepreneurs will be granted up to $60,000,000 CLP ($100,000 USD), access to a meeting place for them and other entrepreneurs, numerous Microsoft startup support programs such as “BizSpark,” involvement in investment-generating activities, as well as training and capacity-building projects.

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Sumersion Studios weighs in on aliens, La Moneda, and entrepreneurship

A recent article in “The Artery,” an art news channel based out of Boston, is declaring 2014 “The Year the ‘Indie’ Games Died.” According to the article, the mainstream video game industry has leveraged its mass appeal to gobble up gaming profits and leave little space for the artistic license, innovation, and risk-taking that small, indie studios once enjoyed.

The journalist who wrote the article has clearly never met the team at Chile’s Sumersion Studio.

Sumersion is a one-of-a-kind gaming studio that is bucking the mainstream trend. The high-performing team makes games targeted specifically toward the “indie” sector: players that enjoy new and unconventional ideas. While most Latin American videogame development companies target casual mobile device players, Sumersion bets on a riskier platform but with bigger monetary gains: the hardcore PC gamer market. All their development throughout the past three years has gone toward testing: testing the game mechanics, the market, and the mass media. They’re taking all they’ve learned since 2011, and putting it into the game they’re releasing this year (“3 Days of Darkness”), which has the potential to be their greatest success yet.

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