Start-Up Chile Executive Director Jean Boudeguer Resigns

Today is Jean Boudeguer‘s last day as Start-Up Chile Executive Director (or so we’ve heard).

Boudeguer joined Start-Up Chile in October 2010, when the pilot program brought 22 startups from 14 countries to Chile, providing them with US$40,000 of equity-free seed capital, and a temporary 1-year visa to develop their projects for six months.

Jean graduated as an IT Engineer from ‘Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’ and before Start-Up Chile, he was an online marketing manager for LAN Chile and also a freelance developer. An email to Boudeguer about his upcoming plans has gone unanswered.

This news comes after the relatively quiet exit of  Start-Up Chile’s original Communications Director, Brenna Loury, who left  about a month ago to do PR for Chilean Startup Hadza (co-founded by first generation/’Beta Version’ Startup Chile Director Diego Alcaino).

* It seems that Start-Up Chile Team page might need an update! 


Update 1: It has been confirmed at 4:15 pm SCL Time, 9 March, 2012, via a trusted and credible source that Horacio Melo, the former Assistant Director of Startup Chile, will be named as the new Executive Director.

Update 2: As of today (April 2nd), Mr. Boudeguer joined which was started by Nicolás Shea (Founder of Start-Up Chile), who left the organization back in July 2011, when Chilean Economy Minister Juan Andrés Fontaine was replaced by Pablo Longueira.

  • Startup Chile is cheesy, period.

    • I was just thinking a couple of days ago, you have been awfully quiet over these recent weeks.

      We have missed you sprinkling a little aji on the conversation.

      Speaking of….while there are no ‘likes’ on the post, I see you picked up where you left off….showing your unwavering love to the entrepreneurial vision of the Chilean government.

      Welcome Back, Eduardo! 


      •  Where, in Chile there’s a thing called “Holidays” you go once a year. Plus, I’ve got a promotion and got Stiven’s charge as Project Manager of Techolab, so I’ve been kinda busy. Not to mention I’ve been talking to some people over La Moneda about Innovation so, maybe, just maybe, we may get some interesting news and I’ll start hating a bit less our (unexisting) “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”


        • Holy Manjar Filled Churros Batman! How did I miss this frickin’ good news mensaje??!!!

          Unfortunately for me, that thing called holidays in Chile did not exist for me this year. Although I hope to take a little personal time in April to do something. Fingers crossed.

          Very cool news on all accounts and congratulations! So will I see you next week at the Techolab kickoff festivities?  

          Gran exito with your projects and sending you big onda for your activities over at La Moneda! 

          Nos vemos.

  • Fernando Gouveia

    Congrats Jean! It was only a matter of time before you joined a startup!