Founded in November 2011, AndesBeat is a new media publishing + consulting company that monitors startup and technology trends in Latin America.

Co-founded by Carlos Leiva (Chile) and Shonika Proctor (USA), their indie company and small team of international market growth consultants provide advice to companies, universities and high net worth individuals exploring strategic markets in Latin America.

Their suite of primary services include:

  • Consulting on regulations and CQ (culture quotient) etiquette for doing business in Latin America
  • Market research for tech companies and startups in the very early stages of expanding or exploring business opportunities in Latin America
  • Deal scouting for foreign investors looking for global infrastructure development funds & projects (valued at $50+ million) in South America.
  • Micro ad campaigns 

Note: All services are offered in English and/or Spanish.

AndesBeat clients mostly include ‘bigger’ small companies and ‘smaller’ mid sized companies (average clients do about $100 million in annual revenues). Other clients include top research universities in the U.S. and southeast Asia; the world’s largest investment companies (among top 10 in assets globally); and startups worldwide.

AndesBeat is also the publisher of ‘Making it Happen’a Chile market entry handbook series.

This series of 7 themed handbooks focuses on hard to find market resources & growth opportunities in Chile for the international English speaking community. Making it Happen is sponsored by uShip, PROChile, Contact Chile and distributed in Chilean Embassies worldwide (54 countries).

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