Thank you CHILE!! AndesBeat is going to La Idea semi-finals, New York city!

AndesBeat has been selected to present at La Idea’s semi-finals on November 14-15th in New York city, NY, USA. With heartfelt and tremendous appreciation Carlos Leiva Burotto aka Co-Founder Boy aka mi Chileno favorito and I would like to thank you Chile and the AndesBeat loyal readers and fans for being the inspiration for our work at AndesBeat. We launched on November 30, 2011 with big expectations and the intention to change the way people see and do business in Latin America.

On November 14-15th we will not present an ‘idea’ but our vision validated by your impact, your struggles and your achievements. We will be presenting to key influencers from the public and private sector related to all aspects of entrepreneurship and policy development in Latin America.

Remember when I wrote the (then) controversial post ‘Hecho en Chile’ and clearly told you my expectations of you as a community and a country in making big things happen in and for Chile? Today we see this vision becoming a reality every day in every way and we are deeply moved by the risks you are taking individually and together. Thank you Chile and AndesBeat readers for believing!!!

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Co-Founders Life: Staying out of jail with your partner in crime!

Recently I told my co-founder I knew he was ‘the one’, but it wasn’t because he fit the profile of someone I would consider marrying, but because I had come to the realization that I would be willing to do something illegal for him – not that he asked me, but the thought randomly crossed my mind of just how far would I go for him?!

Then I started thinking about the irony of people who always advise that you choose a business partner based on someone you would want to marry. The crazy thing is that between the ages of 25-39 is when 60% of all divorces happen (in the U.S) – which is also around the same time that people are active in launching a business or getting connected to the startup life! Continue reading