USM engineers launch Placetribe, a georeferenced place sharing app for Facebook

With a pleasant visual environment and intuitive menus, this app enables users to create groups and share georeferenced information quickly and easily via the internet.

Placetribe is the name of the application that was recently released to the web by a team of engineers from the University of Santa Maria. As its name implies, it allows the creation of “tribes” (a term referring to the urban tribes) or microgroups with Facebook friends, with whom you can share all kinds of georeferenced information.

Its creators are Placetribe’s CEO Tomás Arredondo, PhD in Electric Engineering and professor of the Electronic Department of the Universidad Santa María, his brother Matías, Bachelor degree in business administration and the students of Electric Civil Engineering and Telematics Engineering: Gabriel Juri, Carlos Ibáñez, Fabrizio Cavaleiro and Pablo Bustos.

The first two founded Placetribe SPA, a company dedicated to the development of the application, which is now incubated in the USM 3IE Institute, after having received great feedback from family and friends. Continue reading

Gympact: Incentivizes exercise with cash and prizes

As the New Year is upon us, it is estimated that 88% of the people who set goals will not fulfill them. In fact, 40% will not make it past the first 30 days. At the top of the list for resolutions is health and fitness related goals. This year, Gympact, a startup based out of Santiago, Chile wants to incentivize and socialize your exercise experience with their clever new program which launches on January 1, 2012.

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