Live the leweb 2011 experience from the beginning to the end (Courtesy of Babelverse)

As Shoni and I often work in tandem (collaboratively at the same time), like many start up co-founders and entrepreneurs, we each bring a different perspective and skill set. But instead of us ‘compromising’ ourselves and ideas, we look for ways to expand those ideas, make them fit into context and be more complimentary.

This week as Shoni was working to make a post regarding Babelverse and the award they won at LeWeb, I started to review all the buzz that was generated around LeWeb, Europe’s hottest Tech Conference. And knowing the lack of knowledge of these types of events in LatAm I started thinking of how I can make it easy for LatAm people to relive this experience even if they weren’t there.

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Babelverse Wins Big for Chile in Prestigious LeWeb Startup Competition

Coming off their recent 2nd place win at Start Up Weekend Athens, Babelverse has reaffirmed that in their startup world, nothing gets lost in translation. The AndesBeat community would like to extend an uber huge congratulations and big love to Babelverse who took 3rd place at LeWeb Startup Competition 2011, from a pool of more than 600 applicants!!

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