Calling all women! Want to learn how to code?

The weekend of May 16-17 will bring the first Rails Girls event to Santiago, Chile.

RailsGirls is an international series of events, giving women the opportunity to learn to program and build the Internet. Events are being organized in Sydney, Cairo, Warsaw, Tel Aviv — dozens of cities around the globe. RailsGirls is an international movement creating a lasting impact. For the first time ever, we’re brining RailsGirls to Santiago, Chile. Continue reading

Andrew Mason (Groupon CEO) presentation at Start-Up Chile HQ

We just learned that Andrew Mason is currently in Chile and is going to give a presentation (it’s about to start in a few minutes),


The presentation is live now. Sorry for the lack of information on this post, but we had no idea that we were going to get our post live before Start Up Chile who was hosting the speaker today! Whooopsie.


Enjoy the streaming (courtesy of Start-Up Chile):


What happened behind the scenes??

See below…

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Zappedy has been acquired by Groupon

As of July 17th, 2011; Zappedy has been acquired by Groupon. Zappedy was co-founded by Na’ama Moran, Francisco Larrain, Daniel Pérez Rada and Ricardo Zilleruelo-Ramos.

The mission statement of the stealth company was:

Zappedy builds a website and helps develop and promote offers that give customers discounts if they persuade a group of friends to buy at the same time. Instant exposure for local businesses

Learn more about Zappedy here

* This is the second time that Groupon acquires a chilean company (the first was Clandescuento on 2010)

Zappedy’s homepage, August 2010