The coolest places might be closer to you than you think!

“I need food. Good food. Right now!” – To be honest, I have often caught myself saying that. Probably more to myself than to others…

But still, the only solution to solve this “problem” is finding a good place to eat, right? Sometimes, depending on where you are, this is not even an easy task to accomplish.

That is why you should try paOnde, because it is such an easy and fast way to find exactly the place you want to go eat at.

And even if you’re not a big fan of eating, you will definitely love paOnde, because it can also give you a list of places to go out in general.

And not just some places, but the best rated ones around you. That way you will never be bored at home not knowing what to do!

This cool app, created by Matías CastroMatías Rubio and Ignacio Badilla, was just recently (August 9th) made available in the Apple App Store, without any press releases.

But nevertheless, paOnde can proudly state having more than 5000 downloads already, in just a week – that is incredible.

Even better: This app has become the 4th ranked free app en Chile and 1st in the category of “Food&Drink”.

I think that really speaks for itself!!

So what is so cool about this app and how does it work? Why is it not like all the other apps?

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