Hecho en Chile: 25 insights for Chile’s innovators under age 25

What does the future of innovation look like here in Chile? Well this weekend Carlos Leiva (AndesBeat Co-founder) and I experienced it firsthand during our talk at the Kimlu Scientific Camp (14-18 years old) to Chile’s rising young innovators and next generation startup thought leaders. [You can see me being ‘animated’ as usual at left].

We thought we had set the bar fairly high when we set our objective to build startup research apprentice teams, and partner them with AndesMade PhD advisory board members to do real time research with Chile’s startup founders and tech entrepreneurs. Well we made ‘the pitch’ and thankfully the bar we set was not made of metal, otherwise, it would have likely been melted and returned to us in the form of first generation early 20th century die cast toys. So we spent the last 24 hours since we saw them regrouping and created 25 ‘challenges’ of our own, for their generation to think about and sort out. Continue reading