New social co-shopping experience aims to allow you to buy products with anyone, anywhere

A popular saying in the U.S. says that people don’t like to be sold but they love to buy. I am not sure if Groupon smashed or proved this theory, but they certainly popularized the concept of group buying and further validated the different paths to further potential social commerce.

Expected to grow by 93% per year, the social commerce market is on track to become a $14B industry by 2015 in the US, and $16B in the rest of the world — says Forrester Research (see more by checking out this report by ‘Booz & Co’ firm or a summary here).

Williing, is the first social commerce site launched out of Chile. They have recently raised a round of funding ($75,000 USD) from InnovoCORFO, Chile’s leading economic development agency and 2 weeks ago they opened their site up for public beta (for the US market). And in the next 2 weeks, they will launch in Chile. Continue reading