Are you ready to face the “Key Challenge”?

The “Desafío Clave” (Key Challenge) is a development of the platform Socialab, an independent initiative of TECHO Chile.

It seeks to support products, services and business models which provide an efficient solution for solving the problems of all the people who are permanently excluded by the society, be it due to the lack of opportunities or resources.

It aims at motivating specifically young people to contribute their creative ideas in order to overcome poverty in Chile.

What is so striking about Desafío Clave is that unlike other competitive funds, this one actually monitors and follows up with each one of the ideas contributed to the contest.

It all starts with basic concepts, but with the help of professionals and the community, the ideas will develop until they finally, over time, convert to sustainable projects.

The second version of this contest was launched last Friday, August 17th, 2012 by INJUV with a public opening ceremony in Santiago de Chile. Continue reading

Socialab, the brand new innovation of TECHO Chile

Yesterday – Latin America’s fastest growing NGO brought us this exciting news – “Socialab” was made public as a part of TECHO, formerly Centro de Innovación.

You might ask yourself… what and who is Socialab?

Socialab is a social entrepreneur platform which aims at developing solutions for the problems of the poorest communities in Chile (e.g. poverty, inequality, etc.) through co-creation and networking with a variety of people in the society.

TECHO Chile and its new born initiative Socialab are convinced that, first of all, we need to understand these kind of problems that we associate with those living at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP) in Chile and the whole continent in general, but with a multidimensional perspective.

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