Chilean teams are pitching at Plug and Play Winter EXPO 2011

The “day” has finally arrived. Gled, Smart Box TV and Monkey Contact will be pitching at Plug and Play (Silicon Valley) to raise seed funding in Silicon Valley.

Best of luck to Gonzalo Vallejos, Rafael López and Tim Delhaes!

Program and livestreaming  below


* The schedule is based on California Time (+5 hours to calculate Chilean time)


Watch live video from plugandplaytechcenter on

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Plug and Play Winter EXPO 2011 features 30 promising startups gaining exposure to over 75+ top-tier VCs, investors and corporate players. Join us for an exclusive peek at emerging technologies, rapid-fire pitches, live demos and networking at Plug and Play EXPO!

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  • How did it go?!

    • Good question! We have been in touch with the teams and actually Gled just arrived back to Chile today. But we just noticed (thanks to you) we never did a follow up post on this story, which we have been trying to do for all the competitions. We will pull something together this weekend and follow up with you with how the Chilean teams did. 
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this and respond.


    • By the way, what is Sonic Pollen all about? Would love to hear back from you and give you guys some exposure out there in Valpo. Please connect with Carlos or me through the contact form on this site or FB.