Let’s get this party started: Beer with Shoni and Carlos launches tomorrow!

Shoni and Carlos would like to thank our die-hard AndesBeat community (all 48 of them, wink, wink), who have been huge evangelists in terms of getting the word out about our work and referring us steady streams of new contacts, organizations, potential clients and projects. But at the same time, while we would love to meet everyone, we simply can’t.

In person meetings take too much time. And meeting (local people) by Skype and phone, while more convenient, seems so impersonal.

In working to generate the AndesBeat it is about stimulating and strengthening the startup culture by making it more approachable and accessible for anyone who wants to connect with this world (in Latin America or abroad).

It means we need to focus on building personal, relevant and legendary experiences for every member of our community.  People with clarity/a clear vision are happy people. Happy people are productive people. And productive people will build companies that make impact and money!!!

Unfortunately, we don’t have many happy Chileno entrepreneurs and startup founders because there are too many gaps, missing information and broken promises, but at the same time tremendous potential and opportunities.

So we want to remedy this by serving as the facilitators who will connect the dots and bridge the gaps!!!

So what if, we invited all the people who write in requesting appointments every week along with people who are regularly following-up with us to come and take a beer with us in a very informal environment and we answer their questions one to one???

(Note: Those attending the event tomorrow will be able to learn about the $1 billion entity we are helping to launch in Chile in T-14 days.)


  • No big or impersonal networking events
  • No suits and ties
  • No formal presentations
  • No previous entrepreneurship or startup experience required
  • No pre-screening or qualifications to meet! [/checklist]

Co-Founder Boy, Carlos Leiva, back left and Co-Founder Girl, Shonika Proctor self-explanatory! How fun are we???? We don't think that things will get this crazy....but being that we are at the end of the world, Chile, South America, one never knows!

Here We Go!

What: Beer with Shoni and Carlos

When: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 19:30’ish – 21:00’ish (come anytime in between)

Where: Zen, Las Urbinas 44 (next to California Cantina) See Map

Who:  A mashup of personalities from our very eclectic community including startup/technical founders, developers/hackers, designers, social entrepreneurs & innovators, students in the ideation phase, executives, investors, journalists, aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to connect with the ‘startup world’



  • To share your projects and upcoming events
  • To ask us a question that you are not sure where to start to get the answer
  • To ask for an introduction to someone in our international network
  • To receive our feedback on something you are working on
  • To ask us for our support on anything related to entrepreneurship and startups
  • Because you haven’t seen us in forever and you just want to say holi![/checklist]

How: Simply show up, grab a beer, introduce yourself/company and then ask us for personal feedback; support with marketing ideas; reaching someone in our network; and/or exchange an idea, tip or resource.

Expect that we will be able to spend some ‘quality time’ with you being that we expect a somewhat intimate environment!

Te esperamos!

Photo credits: landfeldt

  •  I know the event will be a Blast! sadly I will not able to attend this time.

    • @twitter-16602174:disqus no worries. Depending on the response we will try to organize the event at a regular time. Cheers.

  • Shoni — the DC area entrepreneurship community continues to evolve…one way to keep up (and perhaps get ideas) is through http://foster.ly which curates a list of resources.  Foster.ly is about what you are about…creating personal relationships and connecting the dots.   I love what you are doing and how you are doing it!  Warmly, Susan

    • @twitter-14196986:disqus Thanks for sharing this nifty resource. Peter Corbett and Philippa Hughes are actually on our international advisory board, so they are also a great resource if we need to keep abreast of what is happening in DC’s startup, tech and creative communities.

      Thanks again for your support. The creativity and ingenuity within our company and vision definitely could not be possible without the energy and inspiration of co-founder boy and also the support and generosity of the Chilean entrepreneurship, social innovation and startup communities.

      Hope to see you personally when I return to DC later this year! Or maybe you will come down and hang with us for a bit in Chile.


  • I’m in!

    • @facebook-1231418408:disqus if you have to announce it, I don’t know that it’s a good thing. jejeje. See you tomorrow!

  • I’ll try to be there :)

  • I’m thirsty!, see you tomorrow  ;)

    • @twitter-118555076:disqus HAH, there´s one in every crowd. Thanks for keeping it real ;-) Hope after meeting us tomorrow, we will make a believer out of you and convert you as an AndesBeat fanboy !!! Bueno. Nos vemos.

  • We will follow you form SF  :D

    • @facebook-100000498810314:disqus k, great. maybe we will be trending on Nixter as hottest party destination tomorrow…jeejje. beso.