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“Entrepreneur Week” Announces Global Expansion with launch of Chile Entrepreneur Week in Santiago, Chile

Today Entrepreneur Week announces its global expansion into four continents with the kickoff of Chile Entrepreneur Week.

The upcoming expansion includes: North America (Atlanta, Austin, DC, Omaha, Seattle), South America (Brazil, Chile, Peru), Middle East (Egypt), and Europe (Greece & Belgium).

The expansion begins in South America with Chile Entrepreneur Week (#EWchile) in partnership with Startup ChileCorfoQue PasaSOFOFAWelcu and American Airlines.

The inaugural South American event features:

–       Jeffrey Zurofsky & Sisha OrtuzarCo-Founders of Wichcraft

–       Idan Cohen, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Boxee

–       Tugba Gurcanlar, Private Sector Dev. Specialist, Africa Finance & Private Sector Dev, World Bank

–       Michael Ellsberg, Author of “The Education of Millionaires”

–       Dan Martell, founder of Flowtown (acquired DemandForce) & active angel investor

The highlight of the USA delegations time in Santiago will be an opportunity to meet with Chile’s President, Sebastián Piñera, to discuss lessons learned in promoting an innovation friendly culture for startups throughout the country.

“Our global expansion has been a humbling long time coming. We have team members all over the world and to witness a vision from over four years ago begin to turn into reality is amazing. Furthermore and more importantly in my opinion, its important to me that we built a business around a valuable asset anyone can benefit from: an education,” said Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week.

Check the schedule of Chile Entrepreneur Week and join #EWChile conversation.

Image via Dan Martell

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How was your experience today at #EWChile ?

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