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What’s new in Sumersion Studio?

Originally founded by Alejandro Navarro and Sebastián Matus, Sumersion Studio is a game development firm located in Santiago, Chile known for their outstanding graphic design work.

Their specialty is in developing 3D games for mobile, web and they will soon launch PC compatible games (Lead developer is Fernando González).

The team has been working together in different projects for the past 1 year and over the last 6 months we’ve been focused full time on ‘Steel Salvation‘ and ‘Super Rockstar Creatures‘ said Alfonso Jorquera (CEO).

Steel Salvation

Based on ‘world deterioration’, Steel Salvation is a shoot’em up game that has a lot of effects in terms of lights and particles. The web version is estimated to launch next Monday (Feb 6th, 2012), and the Android and iPhone version will be released in the coming weeks.

Super Rockstar Creatures

Their new ‘Candies and Chocolates‘ based series was designed with the whole purpose of providing fantasy experiences to kids.

This game is going to be available for PC in March, 2012.




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