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Chimbalab seeking eco-electronic geeks for their open hardware & DIY community

Chimbalab is currently organizing the 2nd Meeting of Open Hardware & DIY (Electronic Circuits) that is scheduled for April 6-8th at the fab and trendy new Santiago MakerSpace.

Chimbalab, co-founded by Claudia González and Constanza Piña, seeks to connect people from interdisciplinary themed groups (arts, music, design, technology, engineering, etc) to support an open source vision; strengthen collaborative work; enhance creativity; and the development of autonomous learning.

To build a permanent home for Chimbalab,  the organizers started a fundraising campaign on Ideame (the kickstarter of Latin America) with the purpose of renting a space that has all the needed infrastructure; meeting production, design, management and documentation, plus 3 days catering and materials to develop each project.


Some of the workshops they will offer include:

  • Open Hardware & DIY (Electronic Circuits)
  • Recycling & Technological Hacking
  • Alternative Sources of Sustainable Energy

Currently, they have succesfully raised 50% of their total budget and have 3 days remaining to raise US $2,000.

If you are located in Santiago, this is your chance to join and support the 2nd Meeting of Open Hardware & DIY (Electronic Circuits) and receive interesting products designed and manufactured by Chimbalab.

We want to have each participant adding their knowledge to the exchange of experiences in the development of previous projects started by them, that are going to be shared with constantly rotating teams of 3 people during the three days of the event. In this way, participants are going to be able to share the knowledge learned through their own proyects and also learn from others
— explains Claudia González, Chimbalab co-founder.