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AndesBeat to host Yale University journalism delegation in Santiago, Chile

AndesBeat will host new world change-makers under the radar of old world knowledge at an upcoming event in Santiago, Chile which will showcase the emerging startup and entrepreneurship scene in Chile.

Santiago, Chile – AndesBeat, Latin America’s first English language media publication dedicated to ‘covering the uncovered’ stories in Latin America’s emerging startup scene, announced today that in their inaugural event they will host a group of students from the Globalist (the quarterly international global affairs publication of Yale University).

Many local organizations were surprised to learn that AndesBeat inaugural event was not a ‘startup themed’ event. However, directly in line with their cultural game-changing mission, the event serves as a critical foundation in terms of integrating Latin America’s media ecosystem into trends in the international media. The event will leverage the rising media talent from a prestigious 300+ year institution of higher learning along with the timely theme of stimulating and promoting a culture of entrepreneurship within a sub-developed country. AndesBeat is working hard at a grassroots level to increase the amount of coverage Latin American startups receives from local and international media. By making these stories more ‘accessible and approachable’ to the media, they also seek to educate the everyday citizen in Latin America about the entrepreneurship and startup world.

A group of approximately 17 students from Yale University’s the Globalist will be traveling to Chile on their annual trip abroad to cover stories about a variety of topics including stories about Chile’s emerging startup scene and active promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship.

The event which will be moderated by the Globalist team will be held on Monday, May 14th in Santiago, Chile:

Game Storming: How to play in the ‘emerging world’ of entrepreneurship

Game Storming (a play off the words Brain Storming) will feature new world change-makers under the radar of old world knowledge, and will be delivered in the form of a dynamic and social ‘real time experience’, intended to build impact with urgency.

The event aims to simulate a micro entrepreneurship ecosystem and is intended to showcase the creativity, talent and spirit of entrepreneurship unique to Chile. Confirmed guests include Chile’s top thought leaders in various entrepreneurship and innovation sectors, national media and representation from the U.S. Embassy in Chile.

About AndesBeat:  AndesBeat is a cultural game-changer movement founded in Santiago, Chile by Carlos Leiva (Chile) and Shonika Proctor (USA). Through their media divison, AndesBeat, and their training division, AndesMade, their vision is to change the way people inside and outside of Latin America see and do business on the continent

About The Globalist: The Globalist is Yale University’s only undergraduate international affairs quarterly that is written, edited, and published entirely by students. Each issue of the Globalist centers around a theme chosen democratically by the group. Articles cover almost any global topic.

(photo Yale University ‘Old Campus’ credit: Michael Marsland)