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Official launch ceremony of 3IE this Friday in Santiago!

In order to deliver support to a greater number of entrepreneurs and innovators, one of the oldest incubators is being installed in Santiago de Chile.

And this one is called 3IE!

The International Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3IE of the Santa María University promotes and facilitates technological entrepreneurship through a system of innovation.

It grants their network of companies an environment that allows to strengthen entrepreneurs, from behavioral aspects to connecting with the world of business projects.

From the beginning on, 3IE emerged as a pioneering initiative of the Santa María University in the region and the country and during its 12 years of existence it has developed significant experience in the formation of technology based businesses, by now having alliances with major companies such as Microsoft, Intel or Startup Chile.

Launch ceremony this friday!

When: September 7th, 2012 at 15:30h

Where: Belloto 1 hall – Avda Santa Maria #6400, Vitacura, Santiago.

RSVP: Inscripción Lanzamiento Santiago

This Friday, September 7th, at 15:30h there will be an official launch ceremony at the Campus of the Universidad Santa María (USM) in Santiago, so that you can get to know the plans and future activities of 3IE, including some drinks and a speech given by the entrepreneur Daniel Daccarett.

Although the International Institute for the Innovación Empresarial 3IE has been linked to the capital for many years, now this one, being one of the oldest incubators in Chile, is being installed in Santiago, aiming at supporting a great number of entrepreneurs and innovators.

For Jaime Arnaiz, General Manager of 3IE, this represents a milestone for the promotion of entrepreneurship from the USM:

“The installation of 3IE in Santiago is a bet that we assume with the authorities of the University Santa María and it is part of the policy of the University, seriously promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among all its students, facilitating the creation of enterprises by them”,

– Jaime Arnaiz

After 11 years in the incubation industry, 3IE is aims at capturing projects of the world class, contributing to economic and social development of the country; and in that regard, they are seeking to strengthen the actions and activities that focus on that objective, such as the installation of the Santiago 3IE Institute.

“We will continue to deliver quality services to our entrepreneurs. And offices in Santiago will help us to further enhance the work of the institute, through access to networks that are only in Santiago, the possibility of delivering services in situ to entrepreneurs of the capital that were struggling to do so in Valparaiso and also to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among students, academics and investors of USM”,

indicates the general manager of 3IE.

Wise words

Jorge Roco, entrepreneur of Ecofert Chile, a company incubated in 3IE, will relate the experience of his company and the history of entrepreneurship, and thus also motivate other innovators.

In the same way, the entrepreneur Daniel Daccarett will give a talk to expose on their multiple ventures. Daccarett is commercial engineer at the University of Chile and founder of Globe, an array of their companies since 1993.

He has received awards such as the “Espíritu Emprendedor” (‘entrepreneurial spirit’) of the UDD, generation business, Avonni product innovative of the year in 2009, N.Boetsch of Endeavor, innovative Idea Award, awarded by the Ministry of economy, and more.

He is also counselor of the program “Savia Nueva” by Shell, advisor of the directory of the United Chile Foundation, member of the Advisory Committee of the Foundation Bethlehem 2000, director of Generación Empresarial and the network of investors Angels of Chile, among others.

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