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La Tercera is first Chilean newspaper available on PressReader

Founded in 1950, La Tercera is one of the oldest and most highly respected newspapers in Chile. It is the first newspaper in Chile and one of the first in South America that is available on the PressReader app.

PressReader is the world’s largest digital newspaper kiosk bringing over 2,300 digital newspaper publications to users’ tablet or smartphone!

The application is easily-navigated, user-friendliness and highly useful for all smartphone and tablet users, as well as newspaper junkies, travellers, expats, business professionals, lawyers and moms who are often on the go.

It allows users to read publications where ever they are in the world with a simple touch on their mobile device.

PressReader Around the World

With PressReader, users have access to thousands of local, national, and international newspapers (in many different languages!) instantly:

• The Washington Post
• USA Today
• Los Angeles Times
• Chicago Tribune
• International Herald Tribune
• Globe and Mail
• National Post
• Vancouver Sun
• Irish Independent
• Irish Times
• Daily Mail
• The Herald

With this great variety of publications, users have the ability to enjoy the richness of an array of newspapers effortlessly on their smartphone or tablet!


Note: This video gives a great visual and concise overview of the PressReader app. However, as previously mentioned in this article, PressReader now provides access to over 2,300 newspapers across the globe.

PressReader Features

Furthermore, PressReader not only creates convenience for users, it also provides readers with extraordinary reading experiences in contrast with traditional newspapers! PressReader users have the ability to pan, zoom and scroll to get a better look at the publication they are reading and view the articles in text view. Undoubtedly, this feature cannot be found in traditional newspapers.

Additionally, what separates PressReader apart from other applications is that it is a digital replica of the printed edition enabling readers to flip the pages exactly the same way they would with traditional newspapers but without the ink stain and hassle!

Other features such as allowing readers to share news via email, Facebook and Twitter also enhance the user experience and social interaction. Readers also have the choice of accessing to on-demand audio, where the news content is read to the users (neat!). I certainly enjoy this aspect of PressReader as I am a huge patron of listening to the news content while sitting and resting on the bus!

Smart Flow Technology

With constant updates, the reading experience for PressReader users has further improved as the updated version has integrated SmartFlow, a new technology that allows readers to read the full story of an article without jumping through pages in the newspaper. This function has allowed reading newspapers as convenient as it has ever been before!

Subscribing to PressReader

PressReader offers two types of subscription plans catering to the needs of different consumers.

Avid newspaper lovers can subscribe to PressReader’s monthly plan for $29.95 USD and have unlimited access to the entire catalogue (2,300 newspapers)!

The second type of subscription is dedicated for casual readers whom can pay $0.99 USD to download each publication.

Additionally, PressReader offers 7 trial issues for download for users who are interested in taking a look at the application prior to subscribing!

Thank you to the team at PressReader for bringing the news about La Tercera to AndesBeat attention.