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Countdown to Lean Startup Machine, Santiago, Chile

Editors Note: This information and FAQ’s comes courtesy of Lean Startup Machine Santiago. AndesBeat serves as one of the media partners for the event.

In T-4 days Lean Startup Machine is set to make its third visit to Santiago, Chile.

They are coming to help the entrepreneurs and startup founders of the world to help entrepreneurs fail faster, earlier and better so that ultimately they can improve their chances in succeeding.

Sad and harsh reality: 9 out of 10 ventures fail.

“The startups fail not because of lack of products, but for lack of customers. So why not first develop customers, understand their problems and thus know which products to develop? ”

– Steve Blank, creator of Customer Development methodology after launch (successes and failures) for over 35 years in Silicon Valley

What else can reduce this high failure rate?

Simple. Applying the scientific method to entrepreneurship: Lean Startup.

Eric Ries created the term and suggests the methodology allows new organizations (Facebook, Google, AirBnB, etc.) to start small and continually improve upon entering a virtuous circle ( Build > Measure > Learn) through constant experimentation and creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP in English) increasing gradually cost and minimizing the uncertainty of a venture.

Through the process of “pivoting” or adjusting their hypotheses systematically companies are able to stay relevant to current market needs.

How I can learn these methodologies?

Like any sport or one learns to speak a language, these methodologies are not really learn in books, but are practiced. The theory is not enough.

So it’s time to return to Lean Startup Machine Santiago.

It’s  already been hosted twice in Santiago (July 2012 and October 2012) and more than 40 cities around the world like New York, San Francisco, London and Paris. The aim of the weekend is to have a hands-on-experience that will allow you to work closely with customers to validate business ideas, using the methodologies Lean Startup, Customer Development and Validation Board visual tool.

“Life is too short to work on products and services that no one will buy” or “Do not build what anyone wants.” Therefore, we must learn to quickly identify when a business idea has a future and when not.

The cost is $99,990 CLP per ticket for the general public but for community members AndesBeat + StartupDigest, there is a $25,000 CLP coupon discount (for a limited time and while supplies last).

Just enter ANDESDIGEST code here and the ticket will cost only $ 74,990 CLP.

The event is limited to 70 attendees. Register now as limited spaces remain.

When will this event take place?

It is an intensive learning experience, practical and collaborative by its very nature.
– Friday July 26, 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs
– Saturday July 27, 09:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs
– Sunday July 28, 09:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs


This event will be hosted at the San Sebastian campus University Bellavista. It’s a great campus with great facilities and its ideal location will allow participants to practice the methodologies literally Going into the street (“Get Out of the Building”).

Who should attend the workshop?

– Entrepreneurs or intra-entrepreneurs (those who are entrepreneurial but work in a corporate environment). It doesn’t matter whether you are with or without a business idea (but its best if you can bring a real and specific problem!)
– Entrepreneurs or intra-entrepreneurs with or without equipment and tools and training (and to live and work with  more entrepreneurs like you)
– People within companies seeking to innovate and / or integrate more as a team

Why is this workshop in Chile?

First, as Chile has a government that is pro-entrepreneurship and pro-innovation they are always seeking to make it more open for local entrepreneurs to bring and access the resources, opportunities, networks and education to your country that will help you be more globally competitive.

Second, but not less important, we have to generate more success stories in the region. We need to develop innovative products or services and disruptive to solve our local problems. Entrepreneurs must make more efficient use of personal resources, private or government for entrepreneurship.

Personally, we would like to see the ingenuity and talent Chilean / Latin into action and exceeding the record of Mark Abramson at Lean Startup Machine workshop San Francisco to raise (after 5 pivots original idea) U.S. $ 4,500 in 90 minutes. – Ury Sarabia

Soon there will be testimonials and entertaining materials on YouTube. But for now you can follow Lean Startup Machine #leanscl Santiago on Twitter and also on Facebook.