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StarTechConf 2013: General ticket sales with 15% discount begins today!

Editor’s note: This announcement comes courtesy of StarTechConf (Chile)

Chile’s StarTechConf inaugural event for the developers community in 2011 was a smashing success.  And this year’s event looks to bring much of the same! More than 1,000 people have pre-registered and confirmed speakers include the Creator of Django among other top global developers (see more speakers below).

The StarTechConf has already received presentation proposals from experts in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Russia, the USA, Chile, and Peru. For those interested in presenting at the event, applications can be sent via this link.

After a stellar conference in 2011, the StarTechConf returns to bring Chile the best of the world’s programmers and technology experts. Organized by Continuum, a boutique programming agency, and @Coto, this year’s event will take place during the 25-26th of October at the Universidad of Santa María’s campus in San Joaquin, a suburb of Santiago. Tickets will go on sale TODAY with a special 15% discount that will only run until September 6th; as of September 7th, no discount will be available.

Topics to be expounded upon are the following: HTML5, Python, Ruby, NoSQL, CSS3/4, JavaScript, OpenData, Mobileweb and Git.


Confirmed speakers this year so far include: Lea Verou (Developer Relations W3C), Aaron Patterson (Ruby-core, Rails-core, Nokogiri), Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Creator of Django, the most important Python framework in the world), Yehuda Katz (Ember.js, Rails-core, jQuery, Bundler), Jaimee Newberry (Director of user experience at Black Pixel, ex UX leader of, and Laurent Sansonetti (Creator of Ruby Motion). There will also be speakers who will be selected after the judging period begins on August 18th.

Even five months away from the conference, there are more than 1,000 people pre-registered. Google is one of the sponsors and people’s excitement via social networks has been palpable which is why we’re convinced that this year it’ll be another success. The StarTechConf will help position Chile’s #1 in the region in terms of technological events,” stated Rodrigo Augosto, one of the conference’s organizers and founding members.

Sponsors include Google, Banco BCI, MediaStream, and Groupon.

This event is expected to sell out….

Purchase your ticket now!