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Chile innovates LatAm’s spirits industry with craft wines

Editor’s Note: Happy International Women’s History month! We would like to take this time to celebrate women around the world, including the 5 very awesome ones working at AndesBeat. Over recent months our team (consulting) has grown and we are now a team of 6 working on projects with U.S., European and Southeast Asian companies who are doing business in and with Latin America. From international business regulations and global infrastructure development to Design Thinking, over the next weeks, we’ll share their insights, commentary and experiences on the present (and future) of doing business in and with Latin America. We welcome your ideas and guest contributions.

 It’s not an overstatement to say that the very future of Chilean wine is being decided right now.

– Peter Richards, author of “The Wines of Chile”

Currently there are over 188+ craft breweries in the state of Colorado. The industry has injected $446 million into Colorado’s economy, created more than 6,000 jobs and a host of spin off companies that work to support the specialty needs of industry from marketing to logistics. Well, it seems that some Chilean vintners at Polkura winery and Garage Wine Co. have a similar concept in mind.

Granted Chile is a small country with a population of under 17 million, did you know that they are the #7 wine producing country in the world? In 2013 they exported nearly half a billion liters of wine! Polkura wants to make sure Chile stays at the forefront of wine making. They are breaking away from Chile’s long, traditional wine making history which dates back to the 1500’s and are now experimenting with creating ‘craft wines’. They are growing grapes in extreme environments such as Chile’s arctic region in the south and the desert in the north. They’re also producing wines in smaller ‘hand crafted’ batches.

Is this the elixir they speak of in the upcoming Chilean wine themed film ‘The Vineyard’?:

Even if it doesn’t prolong life, let’s hope it prolongs the life and success of the Chilean wine industry.