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Spain’s FancyBox set to raise capital via an IPO on SSX

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Editor’s Note: We’ve been following SSX (Startup Stock Exchange) since they first launched to the world. And today we have an important development to share out of Latin America. This official information comes courtesy of SSX Public Relations team.

SSX Ventures Launches Investment Offering in Latin eCommerce Beauty Platform

Investment Vehicle offers the opportunity to invest in leading Latin American ecommerce website

CURAÇAO, Kingdom of the Netherlands– March 25, 2014 – SSX Ventures announced today the opening of an Initial Public Offering of iFancyBox BV (the “Vehicle”), a publicly‐traded investment vehicle organized for the sole purpose of investing in FancyBox brand group of Latin American Companies. The Vehicle will raise investment capital via an IPO on the Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) platform.

FancyBox is a leading ecommerce business for cosmetics and beauty products from Spain and operating in five Latin American markets: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico; offering more than 200 brands and 5,000 beauty products. The Company was founded by industry experts and recognized celebrities that endorse the brand throughout the region.

“E‐commerce is gaining more strength every day, being a practical and convenient tool when purchasing. FancyBox is safe, reliable, and it gathers all women indulgences in one same space, making them accessible with just one click. I want to be part of the evolution of the online shopping culture in Colombia and that is why I have decided to go for this motivating project”, said Monica Fonseca the Latin American journalist and brand ambassador.

The FancyBox brand is securing strategic Joint Ventures and Media and Public Relation partnerships with recognized organizations like ClickOnero (Mexico), Grupo Santo Domingo – Caracol TV (Colombia), HOLA.TV (Regional), Grupo Editorial Copesa (Chile), amongst others. These partners ensure FancyBox is able to reach their target customers in each country and have a strong competitive advantage against other companies in the sector.

“FancyBox was founded after identifying the absence of a regional player specialized in the online sale of beauty products in Latin America, a region where the beauty sector makes sales of over US $69 billion per year, and women spend 17% more of their income than the world’s average in beauty and cosmetic products,” said Marc Sorli, Founder and CEO of FancyBox.

The SSX Vehicle will provide global investors with direct ownership in the FancyBox and its group of companies in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. The Vehicle allows Investors of all sizes to participate in the growth of the FancyBox brand.

“FancyBox’s top management and founding team, celebrity co‐founder structure; strategic alliances with local partners and key partnerships with Media and Public Relation agencies across the region positions the company as a leader in the ecommerce beauty industry of Latin America,” said Ian Haet, Manager of SSX Ventures.

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