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Smooth Scaling: How to Keep Your Startup Afloat

Editor’s note: This post comes courtesy of Mark Kirkpatrick, a writer and online entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. He often shares his passion for small business through his writing, and he hopes that this infographic offers some great tips for fellow entrepreneurs!

The Latin American market is growing stronger every day, spurred by not only multinational corporations but by the small businesses that crop up weekly and the owners of those businesses. To ensure that the market does actually grow over time and not just recycle new companies over closed ones, small businesses need to know how to scale their growth appropriately.

The following infographic from will give you some idea of why having both a short-term and a long-term scaling strategy is important for the survival of small business, and will outline some of the benefits that such a plan carries with it.


For many startups, it’s simply getting off the ground and running that requires so much focus, time, and attention, but just as much as that first month is make or break, life beyond the first year of operations hangs in the balance, largely depending on growing fast enough to bring in more money without getting too large for your current infrastructure to handle.

Whether you have questions about redesigning your app, expanding to different international territories or adding support for other languages, or what kind of support response time target you should set, we have the answers to help you create a sustainable, effective scalability forecast.