Studying and doing business at the same time – Anyone can do it?!

Editor’s note :
Alan Earle, currently 25 years old and Manga Corta founder, shares with us his thoughts about starting a business and studying at the same time. 

His conclusion:
It is possible and definitely recommendable.

Most of you probably didn’t know anything about Alan Earle and I must admit that I, personally, didn’t either.

But now I can say that I honestly respect his strength and optimism, his eagerness of doing his own thing and by doing so, encouraging others to follow him! How? Well, find out! Continue reading

Crowdfunding with inspired by

The last half of the century has seen most industries we buy our goods and services from become concentrated in the hands of fewer, larger, often global companies. With this shift, employment has migrated to these companies. At the same time, individual people, regardless of age, socioeconomic status or gender are creating their own ventures to become self-sufficient and fill the voids left by these large businesses. The situation we are currently experiencing is both a global phenomenon and opportunity for any person that enters the marketplace. Continue reading

Manga Corta redesigned site aims to be the Threadless of Chile and Latam

Manga Corta, founded by Alan Earle, has just released a new version of their website.

Originally selling t-shirts to earn some extra income, Alan says that he never thought selling t-shirts would become a full time endeavor. But indeed it has become that and so much more. To meet the demand of his growing market, the new MangaCorta website allows individuals to open their own store as well as upload and sell their own t-shirt designs. Shop owners earn money/commissions each time someone pays for their design.  And even better, setting up an online store is free for designers.

However, staying true to their original vision and  mission to sell a cool t-shirt, MangaCorta customers can still go online and order a t-shirt based on a variety of factors, using MangaCorta’s sophisticated search platform. As they continue to make updates on the new website and work through some coding tweaks, customers can continue visiting and shopping on the original MangaCorta website.

Chilenos or those living in Chile:

where are some of your favorite places to buy t-shirts?