Sonic Pollen amps up new network for Latin America’s musicians and venues

Originally envisioned as an incubator for artists and musicians, Valparaiso based Sonic Pollen is Chile’s first social network dedicated to the administration of music shows and booking musicians.

Sonic Pollen could be considered the Latin American version of Gig Maven which over the course of 3 years reached nearly 2 million registered users and 20,000 venues. It was acquired by Reverb Nation in August 2011.

On February 5, 2012, Sonic Pollen successfully raised their first round of funding for $20,000 USD, from FONDART. They are currently working on tweaking their alpha version and integrating feedback from beta users (It launched today)!!!

Administered by the Ministry of Education, FONDART (Development Fund for Culture), is a source of state funding, which aims to contribute to the development of arts and culture of Chile.

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The History of Crowdfunding

There is a great article on Mashable this week that explains an overview on crowdfunding and explains the difference between all the micro funding types.

In April 2011, I helped Tweet Land Game out of Costa Rica with marketing, media and PR and ultimately to successfully raise the funding they needed to launch their first game ‘Tweet Land Game’ which is the first game in the world to merge tweets with real time game play. They used the popular U.S. crowdfunding program,, however, in Latin America they have recently launched Idea Me which is a similar concept (offered in Spanish).

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