ACTI and CORFO Announce 2011 MBA Contest Winners

Organized by the Technology Node of Association of Chilean IT companies (ACTI) and funded by CORFO Innova Chile, the MBA Contest aims to support and encourage the development of dynamic enterprises, especially one that comes from top executives that have the degree or are currently pursuing a MBA program (Master of Business Administration) in a Chilean university. 

Awards were given in 3 tracks: Mobile, Technology, Open Innovation, Technology and Global Connection.

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“E-Box” aims to revolutionize Smart Home Technology market

HackSantiago‘s 2nd place winner, home automation start up ‘Proyecto-X‘, now officially named E-Box, is looking to take a cut of the 2012 $6 billion projected wireless/smart home market (Source: On World). Based out of Santiago, Chile ‘E-Box’ is currently in the rapid prototyping stage of developing a smart home technology service (SaaS).  The software allows you to use your handheld mobile device (or the web) to manage and control, automatically or manually, electronics in the home or office spaces, and gain information and metrics through sensors.

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HackSantiago: And the winners are…

Last Sunday (Nov 27th), HackSantiago teams made their presentations. There were a total of 8 die hard projects that participated in all 48 hours of the Hackathon. Just one project was started Saturday’s night and it didn’t have something ready to show by Sunday.

The topics of developed projects were related with real state, gaming, mobile payments and home automation, amongst others.

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