Eric Ries Speaks Out on Racism and Meritocracy in Silicon Valley

Disclaimer (as I am from Washington, DC, land of the lawyers): The opinions I state in this post are exclusively those of my own and do not reflect my partner(s) or our affiliated organizations.

Eric Ries from Lean Startups, who I just learned about a week ago from Elsa Chang and AndesBeat Co-Curator Carlos Leiva Burotto, contributed a guest post about race and meritocracy on TechCrunch. It’s a topic that has come up for me, having been a black woman working in entrepreneurship, wireless/technology since the early 1990’s. And of course it surfaces now being that I am based here in Chile (where in the 14 mos I have been here, I have only met 2 people of color from the U.S.). It is estimated that less than 1% of the people in Chile are people of color (overall). Continue reading