Gled plays with Chile’s entrepreneurial reality

Editor’s Note: This story is  republished from Shonika Proctor’s February 2012 monthly print column in I Love Chile English language newspaper where the article first appeared.

Somewhere between the physical world and the virtual world, the creative world and the technical world, lies the world that Gled built.

Originally started as a project out of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, UTFSM, (Chile’s leading Science, Technology and Engineering School) by classmates Aníbal Valencia, Juan Pablo León, Tomás Mardones and Gonzalo Vallejos, the multi-award winning company, Gled, has risen to become one of Latin America’s (and in many regards) one of the world’s leading providers of augmented reality (AR) customized applications. Continue reading

Chilean teams are pitching at Plug and Play Winter EXPO 2011

The “day” has finally arrived. Gled, Smart Box TV and Monkey Contact will be pitching at Plug and Play (Silicon Valley) to raise seed funding in Silicon Valley.

Best of luck to Gonzalo Vallejos, Rafael López and Tim Delhaes!

Program and livestreaming  below Continue reading