VOZ: Chile’s native Mapuche weavers meets Stanford d.school

Lots of people have beautiful ideas. Sometimes they even know how to implement their ideas.

But how are they going to share them with their friends or even a larger community of people, other countries and eventually the whole world?


How do you get started and connected with people?

Jasmine Aarons, product designer of the Institute of Design in Stanford, mastered this challenge and her startup called VOZ, which came to exist in Chile in 2011 is the proof that she succeeded.

In this startup, she started to help female Mapuche weavers in Chile to create a line of unique and competitive products at an international level, supporting them financially, creatively and personally! Continue reading

Chile….the world is waiting for you….Please show up!!!

A few months ago, the Director of Plug and Play Tech Center (Silicon Valley, USA) traveled more than 6,000 kilometers to come to Chile and talk about their program and show their continued support for Chileno entrepreneurs and startups.

To our surprise and embarrassment only about 10 startup founders showed up to the presentation.

When we reached out to the community to see what happened, they said they didn’t know about it or they found out too late or blah, blah, blah.

Sooooo, here we are again.

On Wednesday, April 24, May 2, 2012, from 12:00 to 13:00 in the centrally located CORFO offices (Moneda #921, Universidad de Chile Metro) – will be the kick off to celebrate the launch and expansion of CORFO’s newly expanded Global Connection Program for 2012.

Update: May 3, 2012: Big love and uber thanks at AndesBeat community, Start-Up Chile community and everybody in between! The event was a great success attracting nearly 60 startup founders and tech entrepreneurs!!!! Sincerely appreciate it. Love you guys too much!!!

And an extremely important thing to note…. Continue reading