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Chile….the world is waiting for you….Please show up!!!

A few months ago, the Director of Plug and Play Tech Center (Silicon Valley, USA) traveled more than 6,000 kilometers to come to Chile and talk about their program and show their continued support for Chileno entrepreneurs and startups.

To our surprise and embarrassment only about 10 startup founders showed up to the presentation.

When we reached out to the community to see what happened, they said they didn’t know about it or they found out too late or blah, blah, blah.

Sooooo, here we are again.

On Wednesday, April 24, May 2, 2012, from 12:00 to 13:00 in the centrally located CORFO offices (Moneda #921, Universidad de Chile Metro) – will be the kick off to celebrate the launch and expansion of CORFO’s newly expanded Global Connection Program for 2012.

Update: May 3, 2012: Big love and uber thanks at AndesBeat community, Start-Up Chile community and everybody in between! The event was a great success attracting nearly 60 startup founders and tech entrepreneurs!!!! Sincerely appreciate it. Love you guys too much!!!

And an extremely important thing to note….

At the event they will be doing a live video conference with different international incubators!

So if you don’t show up, not only will it be embarrassing for Chile (and we are not likely to be taken seriously in the global startup and entrepreneur ecosystem), it will also be increasingly difficult to get more investments, more exposure, more publicity and more partnerships like this from outside Chile!

Fuerza Chile!

We are counting on you to represent the many enthusiastic entrepreneurs and startup founders in Chile who cannot be there because they have jobs or are located far, far away from Santiago but really would love to be there. It is imperative that we show the world our talent, our interest, our competitiveness and our unity!

While I love them sincerely, I don’t want to see a room jam packed full of CORFO employees and 4 startup founders. I want to see THE SAME PEOPLE who are writing and connecting with us everyday through AndesBeat and sharing with us what is taking place out there in the community and what you want to change or improve in Chile – more specifically you are:


  • Startup (co)founders
  • People I saw at Geek Fantasy Camp, Founder Institute Events and Santiago Startup Weekend
  • Tech and web based entrepreneurs
  • Start-Up Chile founders who plan to stay in Chile longer than 6 months
  • Meetup organizers in the developers and entrepreneurs community
  • Social innovators and social entrepreneurs
  • Journalists and communications professionals in the incubators
  • University students with business ideas (even if you have not launched anything)
  • Directors and support staff of Incubators
  • Organizers for entrepreneurship events
  • Makers, developers, hackers and designers
  • Working in the area of technology, engineering, research and innovation
  • Supporters and advocates for entrepreneurs

In the program they will talk about the opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to get out of Chile for a few months and see the world – Silicon Valley, London, Madrid, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Austin, Dublin, Berlin or Montreal while working in an international incubator with different minds, different culture, different perspectives.

Additionally, The Global Connection program provides financing for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in one of six international incubators with strengths in a variety of fields ranging from IT and Communications to Biotechnology.

Expand your world

Traveling outside of Chile will give you the opportunity to work with different types of mentors with a broad range of expertise, gain access to networks, meet new potential investors, form partnerships, find suppliers and, of course, gain clients or users!

(And of course, here at AndesBeat will be there promoting you and supporting you every step of the way)!

YES, doesn’t that all sound so fun and adventurous???!!!!

And while I would absolutely love to have you stay here forever and ever working with me, if you choose not to go to this event, I DO NOT want to hear you complaining about how your company cannot grow or make money because of the same old people, and the same old programs and the same old attitudes….

because in the famous words of my co-founder….

It all depends on you!

Open the registration floodgates

Now that thousands of people are going to flood the RSVP list and will fill the room to capacity, here is what you have to do to get signed up and confirm your space:

Step 1. Compose an email to [email protected]  (do it now before you forget)!

In the body of your email write your first and last name, your company name and copy and paste the following message (SERIO)….!

I am coming as part of the AndesBeat movement to show my support for Chile’s startup and entrepreneur community!

Step 2. Save it on your calendar – put that it starts at 11 am so if you are working on Chilean time you will be there by 12:00!! jejeeje

Step 3: I really want to see your adorable and smiling face so come say Hola to me and co-founder boy!

Interested ALL entrepreneurs are invited to attend!

When: Wednesday, May 2nd

Time: 12:00 to 13:00

Where: In the Auditorium on the 2nd floor of CORFO’s offices (Moneda 921)