7 days left to apply for NYCEDC ‘LatAm to NYC’ program

There are many cultural differences between New York and Silicon Valley (each place has their own pros and cons), and after reading Chris Dixon‘s thoughts – NYC needs enough tech critical mass that the next Mark Zuckerberg seriously considers relocating to NYC –  is easy to understand why the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) originally launched a program last year called “World to NYC” as a way to ‘help global entrepreneurs and businesses leverage New York City’s resources and economic opportunities‘.

However, ‘LatAm to NYC‘ program was naturally born after Patricia Bayley’s (Project Manager at NYCEDC) request to Alex Torrenegra (in promoting the program within his networks in Latin America) when they discovered that half of the entrepreneurs that attended to ‘World to NYC’ came from LatAm. Continue reading