Loogares.com, S. America’s Yelp, Launches iPhone App with more than 15,000 reviews!

Have you ever been out with a group of your friends and got a craving for something to eat or perhaps you wanted to go out with some of your colleagues after a long week of work for happy hour, but was not sure which were the best rated restaurants or bars in the local area?

If you answered yes and are based in (or visiting) Chile or Argentina, you will definitely love, love, love the new Loogares iPhone app.

Loogares, the most complete online city and entertainment guide with recommendations of places to visit in your free time and various services in Chile and Argentina has expanded its online presence by releasing their first application for iPhone. Imagine 15,000 restaurants, bars and places of interest, all just a few clicks away.

The new app is now available in the Apple App Store and based on your physical location will display tons of places around you which have been rated by real people from your own community. The app provides a complete listing of bars, restaurants, timetables, wi-fi zones, happy hours and more. Check it out! Continue reading

Loogares.com online entertainment guide nears 10,000 reviews

Loogares.com was founded by friends, Nicolás Brown (Commercial Engineer), Alberto Marcías (Designer) and Jordi Casanueva (Designer) while traveling in a modded out van (photo at left) in the north of Chile. The details of that evening are a little fuzzy, so I am not sure if they were riding in the Scooby Mobile (Mystery Machine), but insiders tell me they were definitely on a wild and crazy adventure. Traveling on a bootstrapper’s time and budget, they wanted to make the most of their travel experience. Thus, after intensely discussing is their an app for that….startup mode set in.

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Start-Up Chile Selects 27 Chilean Led Companies

Congratulations to all the Chilean led Start Ups who were selected for Start-Up Chile program on the second round of 2011 ! This is the first time that Chilean companies were selected on the Start-Up Chile program, which started with a pilot program in 2010. As the Start-Up Chile list does not include the description of the startups we decided to provide a brief description, along with a direct link to their website (if available).

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