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Start-Up Chile Selects 27 Chilean Led Companies

Congratulations to all the Chilean led Start Ups who were selected for Start-Up Chile program on the second round of 2011 ! This is the first time that Chilean companies were selected on the Start-Up Chile program, which started with a pilot program in 2010. As the Start-Up Chile list does not include the description of the startups we decided to provide a brief description, along with a direct link to their website (if available).

  1. Baytex
    First iPhone apps in Latinamerica.
  2. Biofiltro
    Biofiltro is dedicated to the treatment of sewage and industrial waste trough a biological technology developed in Chile, which is 50% cheaper than traditional solutions and completely environmentally friendly, without generating any pollution.
    We are creating inexpensive yet multifunctional imaging technology for the life sciences industry.
  4. Buxus
    Buxus is the best way of organizing your personal budget. With Buxus you can have all your expenses on one place.
  5. Dentalink
    Online Dental software offered as a service. Manage your patients and clinic anywhere, being supported by experts.
  6. ePigGames
    Our goal is to create an Icon, all our games, are from our main character Eddie, a Cute Pig that go through a lot of adventures. We focus on creating original gameplay, fun and simple. We seek to entertain people with our games.
  7. Fantáxico
  8. Fibras Andinas Chile
    Exquisite tops and yarns for hand knitting made of ultrafine llama, guanaco, vicuña and alpaca fibers from Northern Chile.
  9. Find Your Place now Mamaroof
    Find Your Place is platform that focuses on assisting international students and executives visiting Chile find a place to live and other arrival needs. Our network provides an extra personal service in a way that’s easy, safe, and totally free.
  10. Frontierre
    Frontierre is a global T&T e-marketplace, bringing down barriers between companies and peoples, distances and destinations, languages and cultures, fostering travelling kinship and dream-inspired travelling alliances.
  11. GapJumpers
    GapJumpers re-imagines the possibilities of building work experience through our digital marketplace by offering credited real life business tasks for white collar professionals and students all over the world.
  12. Grifoo
    Social driven Revenue Management for massive events and concerts. Grifoo allows event producers and planners to set the right price based on information gathered directly from the target customers.
  13. Impresionantes
    Impresionantes is an integrated system based in the cloud that adds value and reduces costs of the process of printing. Printing in our kiosks machines is cheaper and better that in most of houses.
  14. Intern Latin America
    We provide first class international students with quality work experience and language learning opportunities throughout Latin America.
  15. Klooff
    The social network for Pets
  16. Kodkod
    Pioneering Certified Sustainable Tourism in Chile, Kodkod is a living learning environment for human ecology, a centre for experiential education and an innovative natural-food restaurant.
  17. KSW
    Energy Efficiency & Sustainability.
  18. Loogares
    Online city guide connecting people with local businesses based on the recommendations of an active and influential community of real people.
  19. Monitor Emergente
    Monitor Emergente is a tool that automatically filters and aggregates thoughts, feelings and statements from traditional and social media regarding cities and the built environment.
  20. Motion Displays
    Developing innovative and integrated communication solutions based on large scale multitouch displays.
  21. QuantConnect
    QuantConnect enables global finance engineers with an auto-trading infrastructure, vibrant community and crowd-sourced funding!
  22. Qubity
    Task management made social: A unique social experience to productively manage all of your and your collaborators daily tasks.
  23. Reacción
    “Reacción” provides rehabilitation medicine and engineering services for enhancing life quality of disabled people.
  24. SocialMeter
    Social Meter is a platform that aims to make a TV rating based on social networks activity. The goal is to change the way the tv ranking works in Chile and the World.
  25. StudioSnaps
    StudioSnaps designs, builds and distributes open air photobooths in the South American market.
  26. Teggo
    Find and download the best games in spanish.
  27. Vitryn
    A place to discover, track, and find out first, everything about the products and trends you really enjoy.

Over the upcoming weeks we will be highlighting all of the startups.

Via 154 Startups Selected in Start-Up Chile’s 2nd Round of 2011!