This Valentine’s day, let LoveChirp be your cupid!

Powered by Babelverse and Tropo, LoveChirp is a new service that helps lovers connect through sweet, sexy, romantic or hot recorded voice messages and allows the creators of the messages to get paid for acting as Cupid’s arrow.

Sweethearts around the world who use this service can pick a message among a set of thousands available in multiple languages, with different tones(sweet, sexy, funny,etc) and in different voices, or record their own. They can choose to sign their message or remain anonymous, which is especially useful for secret admirers.

LoveChirp simply asks for the phone number or email address of the subject of the message. The recipient will then get a phone call or email that plays the LoveChirp, and will have the possibility to respond.

Sending a message costs less than the price of a coffee. Continue reading