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This Valentine’s day, let LoveChirp be your cupid!

Powered by Babelverse and Tropo, LoveChirp is a new service that helps lovers connect through sweet, sexy, romantic or hot recorded voice messages and allows the creators of the messages to get paid for acting as Cupid’s arrow.

Sweethearts around the world who use this service can pick a message among a set of thousands available in multiple languages, with different tones(sweet, sexy, funny,etc) and in different voices, or record their own. They can choose to sign their message or remain anonymous, which is especially useful for secret admirers.

LoveChirp simply asks for the phone number or email address of the subject of the message. The recipient will then get a phone call or email that plays the LoveChirp, and will have the possibility to respond.

Sending a message costs less than the price of a coffee.

LoveChirp is calling on romantics all over the world to get creative and write love messages in all languages for any sweetheart across the globe – and get paid while doing what they love.

Anyone can log on, write a message that they think people will respond to, or record a message in any language and submit them to LoveChirp.

Every time their contribution is used, creators share 50 percent of the profits.

Startup Weekend Athens

LoveChirp was built over a February weekend by a group of friends taking part in Startup Weekend Athens, including the multinational team of Babelverse and the people behind CoLab. With Valentine’s upon them 3 days later, they had quite a challenge ahead to present the most awesome Valentine’s day application ever.

Now, no matter what language barriers there may be between you and your sweetheart, there is a fun new way to connect on this very sexy holiday,” said French co-founder Mayel de Borniol.

LoveChirp allows you to give your lover something that’s unique and that they have never received before. It also allows content creators to get paid for the Cupid’s arrows they so craftily create.

At LoveChirp people can now start contributing and voting for their favorite messages, and sign up to be placed in a priority queue when the messaging rush hour kicks off on Valentine’s Day.

Coming soon: GreetingsChirp, BirthdayChirp, AnniversaryChirp, MothersDayChirp, ReminderChirp, etc.

About Babelverse

Babelverse is the first application for real-time voice translation, powered by a global community of human interpreters. Anybody can use it to obtain on-the-spot interpretation, in any language. It creates a new source of income for multilingual speakers all over the world.

Babelverse took 3rd place at LeWeb Startup Competition 2011 (check LeWeb 2011 metrics by JESS3) and translated President Obama’s State of the Union pitch in 6,976 Languages on realtime

About CoLab

CoLab is a shared workspace in Athens, Greece for creative people like web developers, web and UX designers, artists and writers, travellers and anyone who wants to drop by with their laptop.


What’s are your preference: romantic, sexy, or kinky messages? Record yours now!