Chile welcomes top email infrastructure provider, SendGrid

Companies often spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars (and hours) preparing to launch new products, services and campaigns. Some of these launch expenditures may include market research, design, copywriting, marketing, analytics, staffing and other ancillary services.

Yet, a surprisingly overlooked and underestimated part of any launch is the necessity to reach your customers and subscribers via email. Drafting and sending an email message may not seem difficult, however, the notification and delivery part of the email equation is often challenging for many companies. So while your launch announcement, promotional or app notification email may have been successfully sent, the million dollar question is:

Was your email successfully delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox
or was it caught by a spam filter?

SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery provider founded in the U.S., has been working hard to help companies successfully answer this question. SendGrid provides a scalable email delivery platform allowing companies to easily send and deliver transactional and marketing email to improve email deliverability and customer engagement.

Today Sendgrid announces Chile as one of the strategic markets in Latin America, along with Brazil.
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