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Chile welcomes top email infrastructure provider, SendGrid

Companies often spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars (and hours) preparing to launch new products, services and campaigns. Some of these launch expenditures may include market research, design, copywriting, marketing, analytics, staffing and other ancillary services.

Yet, a surprisingly overlooked and underestimated part of any launch is the necessity to reach your customers and subscribers via email. Drafting and sending an email message may not seem difficult, however, the notification and delivery part of the email equation is often challenging for many companies. So while your launch announcement, promotional or app notification email may have been successfully sent, the million dollar question is:

Was your email successfully delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox
or was it caught by a spam filter?

SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery provider founded in the U.S., has been working hard to help companies successfully answer this question. SendGrid provides a scalable email delivery platform allowing companies to easily send and deliver transactional and marketing email to improve email deliverability and customer engagement.

Today Sendgrid announces Chile as one of the strategic markets in Latin America, along with Brazil.

Why Chile?

Chile’s globally-recognized Start-Up Chile program brought awareness to the greater startup community and tremendous talent the country has to offer.

After discovering a maturing technology market in Chile, we decided to expand SendGrid’s best in class email infrastructure service to the country. We have already seen amazing growth from our Chilean based customers and are excited to be supporting and accelerating the growth of the companies in the market.

 Jim Franklin (SendGrid CEO)

In addition to having a world-class client list that includes companies such as Pinterest, Foursquare, Slideshare, Hootsuite and Spotify, SendGrid also has a growing list of Chile’s top internet companies and businesses including Arriendas, Dafiti Chile, Cuponatic and many more.

Start-Up Chile Partnership

In addition to its support of the local technology community, SendGrid is also launching a partnership with Start-Up Chile program, providing 6 months free of their Silver plan.

Founders Talk with SendGrid founder
This Friday, January 11th at 3pm, Isaac Saldana (SendGrid founder) will join Founders Talk,  a new series of events where founders share their experiences and lessons learned with Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs and community.

The SendGrid Story

SendGrid is a venture-backed, e-mail infrastructure service provider that provides a scalable cloud-based e-mail delivery platform to help companies not only improve their email deliverability but also reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining their own e-mail systems.

The company was founded in 2009 by 3 developers, Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez and Tim Jenkins, after they successfully graduated from the TechStars accelerator program.

Frustrated when their emails didn’t get delivered, they developed a cloud-based solution to address this challenge.

SendGrid – Email delivery. Simplified.

According to Saldana, on average, 20% of e-mails either go missing or get caught by spam filters. To help developers get started quickly, SendGrid offers various configurable Web and SMTP APIs plus a simple SMTP relay set-up providing companies the flexibility to decide which method is right for their environment.

Indeed there was a tremendous need for SendGrid’s email delivery solution as the volume of email sent through its platform has continued to grow to its current level of over 6 billion emails every month.

Any company. Anywhere.

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Recently named “One of the Top 16 OnDemand Cloud Computing Private Companies to Watch,” SendGrid currently supports more than 70,000 companies across industries and across the world including start-ups, top internet companies and multinational companies.

On a mission to make developers’ lives easier – SendGrid primarily works with developers within these companies however the company also works with many email marketers helping to deliver marketing email newsletters.

Automated emails made easy

Whether you’re building for web or mobile, your application will require email in some way. SendGrid allows you to quickly build email into your app, so you can focus on writing the code that defines your product and serves your customers.

As a new start-up every email needed to reach their customers, but managing their own servers was not an option. – Free Logo Services

At AndesBeat, on behalf of Chile and South America we would like to formally welcome SendGrid and send them our best-wishes for continued success.

And for our clients, strategic partners, fans and readers, at AndesBeat we remain deeply committed to help expand your professional connections with global thought leaders, brands and accomplished start-ups such as SendGrid.

Whether you believe you might be able to benefit from SendGrid services or would make an awesome Strategic Partner and can help them grow in the region, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so that we can support you with getting in contact with the right person from their leadership team.

Connect with the SendGrid Team Now!

AndesBeat is extending courtesy introductions to SendGrid team for a limited-time to the AndesBeat start-up, tech and business communities to help SendGrid feel welcome and enjoy success in the region. As always, thanks for your involvement and making Chile the greatest start-up community on Earth!