This Italian couple will increase your online sales faster than you can order pizza

We are die-hard champions of small business here at AndesBeat, so when we come across an entrepreneur equally invested as we are in helping other small businesses succeed, we fall in love a little bit.

Today we’re excited to spread the word about Fanchimp, a service that helps online shop owners increase their sales by turning them into Facebook and Twitter marketing pros overnight. Well, actually, that’s an exaggeration; it doesn’t take a full night, only a couple clicks. Within minutes, online businesses can easily create a successful social media marketing campaign that will drive more customers to their online shops and increase sales.

On average, organizing a social media marketing campaign for a small business can take up to 10 hours per week, a daunting time investment for business owners with a variety of other management and production tasks on their hands. Users of Fanchimp have the same ROI as contracting with a social media agency, with the added benefit that Fanchimp is less expensive and easier to use. Check out how the service works here:

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Grifoo simplifies pricing strategy for event producers

University friends Carlos Contreras and Gert Findel founded Acid (a software development firm) six years ago and have been ‘hacking‘ together since then.

However,  their startup AHA moment came after realizing how difficult it was for a friend of theirs (who produced musicals) to determine the right price for tickets.

They discovered a need and immediately started doing some research from a scientific level to determine how event producers calculate pricing of event tickets. From the findings of this research, they decided to launch Grifoo.
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