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Grifoo simplifies pricing strategy for event producers

University friends Carlos Contreras and Gert Findel founded Acid (a software development firm) six years ago and have been ‘hacking‘ together since then.

However,  their startup AHA moment came after realizing how difficult it was for a friend of theirs (who produced musicals) to determine the right price for tickets.

They discovered a need and immediately started doing some research from a scientific level to determine how event producers calculate pricing of event tickets. From the findings of this research, they decided to launch Grifoo.

Grifoo is the first ticket trading community in Chile. After a year of development, design and testing, Grifoo partnered with PuntoTicket, Chile’s leading ticket distributor for live entertainment events, to integrate their software to its ticketing platform. In February, 2011 their product was successfully tested in three different concerts: INXS, Aventura and Marc Anthony.

We want to help the event producer determine the best pricing strategy for selling the tickets to its events” says Carlos.

We want to use a mix of revenue management, data mining and a custom Auction system to optimize the sales process of every ticket-based event” adds Gert.


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Acceptance to Startup Chile Program

In November 2011 Grifoo was selected for the Startup Chile Program (receiving $40k).  And in early December they released a newer version of their platform and relaunched the Grifoo website with a mission to revolutionize the way tickets are sold.

Their services now include: Pricing Strategy, Ticket Sales, Ticket Auctions, Ticket re-sales and post-event reporting of customers behavior.

Do you have this need?

If you’re planning concerts, parties or any kind of events and you don’t want to deal with the pricing strategy, get in touch with María Luz Hortal (Director of Sales & Marketing at Grifoo): (+56 2) 9462106

Photo credits: Planetschwa on Flickr

In Santiago? Experience the Platform Live!

Check out their hottest events including a New Year’s Event Celebration organized by Club de Baile! The party will be held at Alto San Francisco (image below) and is open for people over the age of 25.

Get your tickets to this hot party through the Grifoo platform.