Meet AndesMade Advisor: Hannu Krosing

AndesBeat is uber excited to announce Hannu Krosing as the 2nd mentor of our forthcoming AndesMade immersion based initiative to support Chilean startup founders and tech entrepreneurs rapid prototype and quickly get ideas into the marketplace with their bootstrapping mode on. (You can follow our running list with  newly named mentors here!)

Since we have been told time and time again its going to be a little difficult to support our ‘utopian’ dreams of building our community of soon to be ‘bleeding edge’ hackers and startup thought leaders from a bunch of ‘failed and rejected’ Chilean startup projects, we thought we would get a 2nd opinion just to be sure…

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New social co-shopping experience aims to allow you to buy products with anyone, anywhere

A popular saying in the U.S. says that people don’t like to be sold but they love to buy. I am not sure if Groupon smashed or proved this theory, but they certainly popularized the concept of group buying and further validated the different paths to further potential social commerce.

Expected to grow by 93% per year, the social commerce market is on track to become a $14B industry by 2015 in the US, and $16B in the rest of the world — says Forrester Research (see more by checking out this report by ‘Booz & Co’ firm or a summary here).

Williing, is the first social commerce site launched out of Chile. They have recently raised a round of funding ($75,000 USD) from InnovoCORFO, Chile’s leading economic development agency and 2 weeks ago they opened their site up for public beta (for the US market). And in the next 2 weeks, they will launch in Chile. Continue reading


Chile’s GiveO2 named 1 of 50 most promising global startups by Kairos Society

After being rejected from the popular government sponsored program, Start-Up Chile, Chile’s cinderella startup team, GiveO2, is rocking the glass slipper once again as international award recipients at the prestigious Kairos Global Summit for young entrepreneurs.

They were 1 of 50 teams selected (and 2 representing Chile) from a pool of thousands of applicants around the world and named by Kairos Society as “one of the most promising global startups”.

GiveO2 designed a mobile application that allows users to neutralize the carbon footprint related to transport and also buy carbon credits directly from their mobile device. Continue reading


ePig games surpasses 1,000,000 downloads

For those who thought that a small bootstrapping Chilean game design studio was only capable of competing in the space with larger more well-funded companies when (e)pigs fly, AndesBeat is predicting that the price of pork is going to increase considerably in the near future.

The award winning ePig games studio was the first company in Chile to develop an HTML5 game.

And now, Nicolás Palacios, ePig Games CEO, along with his co-founders Andres Cortes and Diego Palacios (who is also his brother) are celebrating another huge milestone as their ePig games series has busted through 1,000,000 downloads. Continue reading


Geeks fantasy becomes real as Chilean startups arrive in Silicon Valley

Conceptualized by Santiago, Chile IncubaUC (Entrepreneurship Incubator at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and co-produced in conjunction with U.S. based 3 Day Startup, Geek Fantasy Camp brought together a random group of entrepreneurial minded professional people with the objective to launch a startup in 5 days and 2 nights.

The winning teams as determined by a group of international investors, accomplished entrepreneurs and co-founders of 3 Day Startups were awarded a trip to Silicon Valley and will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors based in the Valley. They will be traveling in Silicon Valley February 5 to March 6, 2012 and AndesBeat will be tracking their journey and milestones from their trip. Continue reading


Babelverse to provide live voice translation service for President Obama’s State of the Union in 6,976 Languages

The team behind Babelverse, the world’s first real-time on-demand interpretation service, announced today that they will translate President Obama’s address in real-time to viewers around the world in 6,976 languages.

The start-up, founded by Mayel de Borniol (France) and Josef Dunne (UK), were awarded top honours at LeWeb’11, the internationally renowned technology conference based in Paris, France. Continue reading

Pullcolab - Workcolab

Pullcolab: Pioneers of LatAm’s Open and Social Innovation Platforms

A week ago today, news surfaced that Sharon Chang, formerly of 19 Entertainment, has launched Yoxi, a new media platform for social innovation rockstars.

19 Entertainment is the company behind popular U.S. based TV shows such as American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. This announcement comes on the heels of recent news from consumer electronics giant Philips, who also launched a social innovation platform just 3 months ago.

Back in 2009, Santiago, Chile based Pullcolab had a similar vision when they saw the power of open and social innovation layered over a virtual platform. And so the legend goes…

While we may not be in Kansas anymore, here in Latin America where more than an estimated 2/3 of the population lives in poverty, ‘open and social‘ innovation is still very much a vast, uninhibited and unexplored frontier. Continue reading

Friendlee icon

Friendl.ee ‘Sell what you like, to who you like’

Let’s say that because of your work or lifestyle, you can’t live in the same place for long periods of time. What do you do with all the stuff you bought to make your apartment look pretty??

Are you going to constantly carry all the furniture from place to place?

What if you could access a platform where you could easily sell all the temporary furniture you had for short periods of time. And better yet, what if you could use it as an easy way to sell or give away stuff on Facebook? That was what Jordan Sitkin (from Decurate) thought of two months ago at HackSantiago and Friendl.ee (originally named Fribble) was born.

Friendl.ee is a place where you can sell the things you like, to the people you like. Continue reading


Just Did It: Smashrun makes running ‘simply beautiful’ for Nike+ users

Smashrun is designed to frame each run“, stated Co-founder Chris Lukic. Finishing that run today meant that you’ve run 280 miles this year. It’s more than 50 miles further than you’d run last year at this time. And it was the 3rd fastest 4-mile run you’ve ever done. You’re running twice as many miles a week as your friend, Joe, and, when it comes to sheer discipline — showing up day in and day out – you’re at the top of your game.”

After 5 long years, Santiago, Chile based startup Smashrun, has sprinted forward and introduced a streamlined, yet edgy solution to address the shortcomings and frustration that millions of runners have experienced, who until now have relied primarily on the problematic and buggy Nike+ website to provide their running analytics. Continue reading

Wonder what they do?

AndesBeat Reveals Start-Up Chile’s 40 LatAm companies selected for the 3rd round 2011

A few weeks ago Start-Up Chile announced its list of 100 selected startups for round 3 of their program. From a total of 100 new startups, 40 were from Latinamerica (and 27 from Chile.. the same amount selected in the second round of 2011).

Wonder what they do? So did we!

And after noticing that all the tech websites pretty much recycled Start-Up Chile’s original post of ‘The List’, we decided to dig a little deeper. Following is a brief description of each that we discovered through our infamous night owl multi-language research. Some of the projects are arbitraged ideas. Others are original. But all are uniquely LatAm inspired and led! Vamos!

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