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Syrenaica, a chilean gaming company, rocks Kickstarter!

The Chilean gaming company Syrenaica is being funded via Kickstarter and is hoping to follow the success of other Chilean companies like Puzzle Me!, which was one of the first Chilean companies to be funded that way.

Kickstarter is a funding platform primarily for creative and technology based projects. Each project creator has to decide on a certain amount of money they want to fund until a certain deadline.

If the goal is not met, nothing will be funded. So it is an “all or nothing” funding program – very challenging!

Syrenaica creates groundbreaking Games, sometimes as a natural result of a proactive culture that encourages fun. Lots of fun! They believe they ARE that kind of culture, so they are dedicated to develop games that bring the only real value that matters.

… And that is natural entertainment, brought to you by their new game called “Evilot”!

Their latest game created is called “Evilot”, a Puzzle/Defense game that is available for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya, so basically for everyone.


But it is not like all the other games, so that Syrenaica themselves say:

“Instead of the ‘Place and Forget’ approach found in other known Tower-Defense titles, we’ve developed a “combo mechanic”.  Placing units on a row or column can give you a higher level.

You’ll have to constantly evaluate your position. Also, bigger combos mean more units onto the board, as it is not based on collecting resources to ‘purchase’ units.”

You play as the character of Count Dolfus, a retired evil overlord, that just wants to spend his last days in peace. The problem is that the small retirement fund you’ve managed to amass, over decades of evildoing, is too tempting a prize for the heroes and adventurers running through the Kingdom of Evilot, so you’ll have prepare your defenses to withstand their fierce attack.


  • 50 levels, spread across 5 territories, spanning over 8 hours of gameplay.
  • 15 playable units, 5 summons
  • Soundtrack: 11 songs specially composed for the game
  • “combo mechanic”: For example, if you place 3 units on a row or column, those units get removed from the board and you get a higher level unit
  • Level-Up Logic: You have to choose between a wider defensive spread or a tough unit on one row. You’ll have to constantly evaluate your position, instead of the “place and forget” approach found on many other known titles

The future

It is planned to be available before Christmas (hint hint, this is the perfect present for your nephews, grandsons, brothers …).

Of course this can only happen it Evilot is able to succeed in raising the USD 10,000 by Friday, September 7th., which is the goal that Syrenaica has set for their funding campaign on Kickstarter. Right now they are more than halfway there!!!

Help funding them with any amount of money between US $5 and 3,000 dollars. In return you´ll get rewards, such as a digital copy of the full game for only $10.

Fund them now on Kickstarter!

“We want to make the game even better, and that’s why all the support we’ll receive goes right back into the game, to make it the best it can be.

Your backing will let us extend the scope of the game so everyone will get more gameplay, more content and even higher production values.”,

explains the Syrenaica team.

Possible future features

Another important goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough funds to record it’s soundtrack with a live orchestra. How awesome would this be??

Moreover, they want to invest their money into

  • More levels: 1 level for every 2.000 $ above their goal
  • Minigames: 1 minigame mode for every 10.000 $ anove the goal
  • Antiheroes: a whole new game mode for 40.000 $ above the goal (e.g. play with different characters)

Oscar Contreras and his team are more than excited about this development because no Chilean company has ever gone this path before. In contrast, they will go the way that other companies are to go in the future, serving as a role model and a good example of how it can go.