E-Commerce: Ways On How To Compute Your Customer’s Lifetime Value

Are you sure you know your customers really well? To better understand your customers and sustain a profitable e-commerce business, one of the necessary metrics you should employ is customer lifetime value. Broadly defined, customer lifetime value or CLV is the projected revenue a customer will generate in their lifetime for your company. Continue reading

Ex-Groupon executives launch site for parents and their babies

This article, originally posted on February 15, 2014 on Emol.com, has been translated from Spanish to English for AndesBeat readers. To read the original version, click here.

Babytuto subscribers grew from 10,000 in August of 2013, to more than 50,000 of January of this year. They hope to reach 200,000 by the end of 2014. Continue reading

Looking for a certain product? Vitryn will help you to find it.

Imagine you are desperately in need of a new mixer or special appliance for your fancy new kitchen in the apartment you just moved into.

Where would you go to look for one that is exactly how you want it to be? Wouldn’t it be handy to always know exactly where to look right away?

That is the problem Vitryn aims to solve with their newly launched product advisor feature, available exclusively through the Vitryn online ‘window shopping’ platform. The product advisor provides curation and filters that function based on your own interests and preferences, containing products in different areas to make this dream come true!

We all know what today’s standards are moving towards: One day everything will be done using the internet, maybe even cooking, who knows …

But for now, it is certain that especially products and services are mostly purchased online on a computer, a tablet or smartphone. And to date, no online shopping platform here in South America could really meet consumers’ needs.

That’s until Vitryn came into the Chilean startup scene in early 2011, selected as a part of the second round of Start Up Chile.

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Seek and offer last minute event tickets in Santiago, for free!

We all know how disappointing it is: You buy a ticket for an event you are totally crazy about, and THE day is almost there, but then all of a sudden something changes and you end up not being able to go. Now you’re stuck with the ticket you purchased and cannot get your money back.

That’s a real bummer!

But I have good news for you: Fanatickus is a new platform with which everything around seeking and offering tickets becomes so much easier. And the best thing is, you won’t believe it: It is totally free!!!

Fanatickus was founded by a group of young Chilean entrepreneurs who wanted to create a space for people to sell and buy tickets to all kinds of events (e.g. family, sports or musical events) last minute. Ricardo Martínez, one of the creators, realized the necessity of connecting all those many event fanatics, because it happens way too often that we don’t know what to do with the tickets we end up not using or how we can purchase tickets a few minutes before an event starts.

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After raising US$600,000 500startups ‘Welcu’ is opening offices in Argentina, Colombia and Brazil

It’s August 2011 and Nicolás Orellana (Welcu CEO) is pitching ‘the best way to manage high-end, unique events‘ at 500 Startups Demo Day (check the pitch at the end of this post).

He ends the presentation saying they are looking for a US $600,000 seed round.

Now, 7 months later, they have successfully raised those funds and just announced their expansion in Latin America. Continue reading