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Prey for your lost iPhone…iOS now available to the public

Prey, is an anti-theft application developed by Tomás Pollak, for all the popular operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Android). It helps mobile device users locate, secure, lock and recover your stuff if it goes missing.

Over recent months, a selected group of users have been beta testing the Prey iOS version and starting today, the application is available to the public.

Now iPhone users can join the list of succesful recovered stories of stolen phones and laptops around the world:

That’s why Prey has been featured on BBCLifeHackerThe Next Web, amongst many other media companies.

Good news for iPhone users, right?

Download Prey for iPhone now!


PreyProject officialy posted a message on their twitter account saying “Prey for the iOS is here!” (check an RT message) but a few minutes later they deleted the message.. why?I’ll keep you updated.


New status update on twitter and post on the blog